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Measuring More than Transactions: What tools do you use to manage your business? ...key indicator reports?   Do your people track key ratios every closing?  Are you measuring your own performance? Are you teaching your people?

On Target, Albert Black

Workforce Excellence:   270 more videos

Meet Albert Black of On Target Supplies, Dallas:
He says, "We have to... find new information, new strategies, new principles..."
More... Even more...
Key Idea:   Put Your Values in Writing    Homepage
Key Question: How do you keep employees productive?

Steve Hoffman, Modern Postcard

Operations Excellence:   12 of 250+ videos

Meet Steve Hoffman, Modern Postcards, Carlsbad:  Continuous improvement, kaizen, quality programs, TOC, TQM, ...all really work.  Homepage  More...
Key Idea: Know the Theory of Constraints (TOC).
Key Question: How do I increase profits?

Enrique Souto with father and brothers, Cafe Pilon, Miami

Customer Excellence: 11 of 160+ videos

Meet the Souto brothers, Cafe Pilon, Miami: ...Enrique said the most important lesson he learned from his father is that, "Your word is your bond."   Home...
Key Idea: Make your word as good as gold.
Key Question: How do I build a great reputation?

Pam McNair, Gadabout

Leadership Excellence:   280+ videos

Meet Pam McNair, Gadabout Spa & Salon, Tucson: She said, "I'm not the star, I build stars."  Homepage...
Key Idea: Think beyond yourself
Key Question: How do you keep employees productive?

Best business practices: Videos from this television show All aired on PBS stations in the USA and Voice of America-TV around the world. Please register. Log on! The site is opened. Navigation is easier. Just get better.

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