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The Foundations of Business Are The Foundations of Life

  Create continuity.  A first principle, basic value, no person, business or government grows without continuity. Have courage, innovate and lead.  More... 
2Create relationsFocus on customers, employees, suppliers and community. Build those relations;  they'll build your business. It requires ethics and trust.
2Create harmony.  Discord destroys people, businesses and governments. Be a light on the hill.  Volunteer to make everything better!
2This is the drive toward perfection...   best business practices. Use videos to teach; all aired on PBS stations nationwide and the Voice of America-TV worldwide.
Ken Duncan, Photographic journalist, Australia
Albert Black, On Target Supplies & Logistics
Marty Edelston, Boardroom, Stamford, Connecticut
1.  We all dream... Yes, you do.
And Questions: Money?
Join Hattie Bryant  More...

2. We all must risk.   Follow your heart.
Key Question: Grow a business?
Adopt Ken Duncan's insight   More...

3. We all have insights and ideas.
Key Questions: New? New?
Meet Bob Sakata  Innovate... More

4. We all need help: Start Small
Key Question: Get started
Grasp Albert Black's gifts   More...

5. We're all people: Work Hard for Others
Key Question:  Stand out
Meet Linda Brewer and John Rohovec

6. We all fail: Failure is OK
Key Question:  Keep growing
Imbibe Harry Rosenthal's wisdom  More..

7. We all grow:  Ask Questions. Listen.
Key Question: Attract people?
Learn from Marty Edelston   More...

8. We can be wise: Be a Magnet for Talent
Key Question: Attract  people?
Adopt George Hill and Arnold Joseff

Keys:  Democracy Diversity Dreams  Genius  TV  US$   A prior homepage
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