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Last Update: Saturday September 5, 2015

Run Everything Like The Best Of Our Small Businesses

First, look for waste, fraud and abuse and eliminate it. Balance budgets.  "Let's reduce this budget and keep reducing it until the budget balances."  Let's fix this.

Second, secure every dollar in debt. All federally-spent debt should be secured with properties (land and buildings). State by state, district by district, let's find out where we are spending more than we take in, then focus like a laser on those out of balance and get them in balance.  It is a global problem. Too many are too fat.  Let's fix this.

The formula for lifeEvery day either you create value or you use value.
Anything of value is an asset. Using it, literally burning calories (food), gasoline (transportation), or electricity (home-office-town maintenance), creates a debit.
The American Dream is to live, work and love all while being generous and ethical.

A goal for each day:   "Create more value than I use."

If every adult in America created more value than debt, we could retire the USA debt very quickly.  We would be just like all these people making our world a better place.


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