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Last Update: Friday August 18, 2017

An invention is a leap toward a higher perfection

Farmer Bob Sakata invented many labor-saving devices to "lighten the load of the workers."
  Also: Visit with Abraham Lincoln. He is the only US President with a patent. More...

In these times: You can hear a cry for real leadership throughout our little world. Greed, so empowered by media, runs rampant throughout our diverse cultures. So many in and around Wall Street have failed us. Too many throughout business have failed us. Politicians, celebrities, and "big" personalities of every kind have failed us.

We, the people, must rise up against greed and stupidity.  We, the people, need to call on each other to lead and serve, even if it is just to volunteer. Ethics, generosity, integrity and public service must stand for something.

As a people, we all must enter this debate about capitalism. We all need to grapple with the first principles of ethics, economics, and government. Globalization is a reality and belief systems are butting against one another, often shredding civility and undermining any inherent ethics and morality.    More...

All these videos aired on PBS stations throughout the USA

1.  The show also aired around the world through the Voice of America-TV!
2.  All on-location insights from small business owners selected by their community
3.  Learn about the power of business and how values motivate them.   More...
4.  Business is the revolution of our time. Here are a few billion-dollar ideas.   More...

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