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You Effect the Health of Our World and This Universe


Take Vladimir Putin as an extreme example; he like many is missing key parts of the big picture of who we all are and why we are.

For example, it is obvious he has not understood the very nature of the WorldWideWeb and how space-and-time have been totally disintermediated. Tech savvy people know that this means the truth is never far away and the world immediately observes, computes, and judges everything we do. There is no place to hide; no place to go. The planet is a neighborhood. Belief systems must find ways to cohere. All of our resources must be focused on maximizing efficiencies so we all live wisely. More...
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Two Key Business Issues:
(1)  Go Global.   (2) Find Your Tribe.

The world really has become a very small place. And, with 7.1 billion people, there is a huge population of people just like you. Find themAlso, you have to go global before attempting to take on the universe.  Break free of any limited worldview, then begin working on an integrated Universe View. The larger, more integrated your view of life, the more creative and productive you and your teams become.


Why this website:

1. Study the best business practices of good people
2. Study the very nature of business when it is young
3. Study the nature of wealth and value
4. Study the very nature of morals, ethics, integrity, and values
5. Study generosity and the human heart
6. Study the nature of human motivation and leadership
7. Study how systems cohere
8. Study the nature of hope, change and the human family _________________________________________________

On PBS-TV in the USA and the Voice of America-TV around the world

For over 50 seasons, each episode featured an owner of a business who was selected by local business advocates.  Use each video in a study group.  Reflect on best business practices and the meaning and value of life.   More...

This is the relentless drive toward perfection, just to make it better...
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