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Stay flexible. Have Courage. Build Your Business.


What would move you to do the extraordinary?   

Remember a time in your life when you worked incredibly hard just because you set a goal and you were going for it? Everybody wondered. It was your drive and energy. You were even surprised! That's the kind of energy we need to face today's challenges.

From $0 to over $1-Billion in less than a Lifetime

This television show's  starting point is a vision and foundation for integrity.  More

Understand the foundations of democracy and capitalism

Teach the essentials.  This episode with Michael Novak can help.  Watch each key idea by key idea, right here. Watch the episode end-to-end.

This television series explores the best of business.

For 50+ seasons every video aired on PBS-TV stations throughout the USA.  This show has also aired around the world through the Voice of America-TVMore
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