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Out-Of-Work? Under-employed? Start A Business.

Over 27 million people in the USA have. You can, too.

We all have talents and we have gifts.  We each have a sliver of genius.
The purpose of life is to cultivate your talents, gifts and genius.  It's never too late to start.  Life is short - art long. Make your life a living piece of art. You know this statement  is true, "If I don't do this my life will be incomplete."   More...

Eight steps:  Start, Run, Grow And Harvest a Business

 Wally Snyder, Flap Happy, Inc., Santa Monica, California

Recruit Your Family

1:10 | Play Now | Everybody must pull together.  Wally Snyder took over day-to-day parenting duties, yet he is also responsible for the physical plant of their company. More...   And more.

Prepare Yourself

2:10 | Play Now | Know thyself.  Pamela Rodgers knew that selling herself meant she had to be as smart about people as she was about the business.   More...  Finance a start-up

Try An Incubator

3:24 | Play Now | You don't have to do it alone.  Host Hattie Bryant discovers that entrepreneurs energize each other at a business incubator.  More...  Work Is More than Money.

Do Several Reality Checks

Start Now.  (1) Watch these videos!  (2) Register. It's free! You'll then get  access to watch over 100 videos about getting started in business.  (3)  Step up and do this Reality Check!

Videos  where the owners speak out...  all aired on PBS stations

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