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Last Update: Sunday May 29, 2016

Wake Up America

US Capitol Trapped In Steel
This is not government by, for, and of the people.

Washington, D.C.  What is going on in Washington, DC? We are being challenged to ask one more time, "What are the essential foundations of life, liberty, freedom, and human rights?" The USA is a working experiment. We need to go back to our earliest concepts and see how these also became the foundations for American strength.

The Foundations of Business Are The Foundations of Life

1.  Create continuity.  A first principle, basic value, no person, business or government grows without continuity. Have courage, innovate and lead.  More... 
2Create relationsFocus on customers, employees, suppliers and community. Build those relations;  they'll build your business. It requires ethics and trust.   More... 
2Create harmony.  Discord destroys people, businesses and governments. Be a light on the hill. Volunteer to make everything better!   More... 
2This is the drive toward perfection...  best business practices. Use videos to teach; all aired on PBS stations nationwide and the Voice of America-TV worldwide.

Best business practices: Videos from the television show

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This show aired on PBS-TV stations throughout the USA and on thousands globally via the Voice of America-TV.

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