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Listen to Your Dreams. Turn Insights into Work.

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These three solved tough problems. When they started, people said their idea was stupid.  Harvard University experts told them that it would never work. Well, now with over $300M in gross annual sales, they changed their industry and radically reduced healthcare costs around the world. Click here for more.

This is the epitome of the American Dream.

She went in the midst of their turmoil. South Africa was a dangerous place, yet she truly lived within the audacity of hope. She believed the words that everybody is created equal. And, now she has grown into the role of being an international photo-journalist whose work has been recognized throughout many nations of the world.  More...
He now makes the sweetest corn on earth. But it wasn't so sweet back in the '40s when they brought him and his family to a detention center in Colorado. They were Japanese. Released early, he set down roots to become one of the most innovative farmers in the world. His mantra, "Lighten the load of the workers."   On this website, there is always more...

Look into the face of innovation and an endless drive toward perfection.  Meet Sohrab Vossoughi, a Persian immigrant. He worked for others for fourteen years. He got his chops up and made a name for himself. Then, he struck out on his own, starting at his kitchen table. Then, he became a rock star of the Industrial Design.  He attracts creatives from around the world and together, they're making it a better place.

Every video is about best business practices...   Each aired on PBS-TV stations throughout the USA and on the Voice of America-TV around the world.  All were shot on-location.  Selected by their community, see how values motivate.  Climb the eight steps in business. Never seen the show? Watch this. Study more

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