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You Are The Secret Sauce For A Better World

You Know How To Create a Job:   (1) for Yourself  and (2) for Others.
USA: Small business creates 78% of all net new jobs. How? Why?  They stimulate entrepreneurial problem-solving  and micro-enterprise development.   More

Monica Morgan Photography, Detroit
  Step 1: Dreaming
Joe Dannis, DawnSign Press, San Diego
    Step 2: Starting
Glenn Walser, founder, Automated Foods
Step 3: Selling
Arnold Joseff & George Hill, founders, Diversified Chemicals, Detroit
Step 4: Growing

 Sohrab Voussoughi, Ziba Design, Portland, Oregon
Step 5: Employing

The leadership of Wahoo's Fish Tacos
Step 6: Scaling

Nicole Miller and Bud Konheim, founders, Nicole Miller Fashions, NYC
Step 7: Sustaining

Step 8: Exiting

Business is tough. Every step. Nothing is easy

Dream a little, then come up with a good idea.  That's not easy!  Now you'll have tell  somebody else, "I am going to start a business."  Not easy.  When you make your first sale, a new reality strikes, "How do I make money?"  When you are on your own - it all becomes painfully real.  It gets even tougher when you hire your first employee. Now break $1M and head to $10M in annual sales. Even the final exit  is not easy!  That's life.

The purpose of this television series and website:

In search of  the most ethical, most well-run, generous, small business owners within the USA, and  throughout the world, in order to do the following:

  •  Encourage good businesses to do
      business with good businesses
  •  Help each other to grow
  •  Do the best stories for television
  •  Raise the transparency bar
  •  Facilitate others to  invest
      in the very best small businesses
  •  Help diversify everyone's portfolio

  •  Learn through Questions & Answers
  •  Empower "life transcripts" online
  •  Do deep support for solid growth
  •  Empower local-global productions
     for PBS, Voice of America, Fox...
  •  Open up simulcasts online
  •  Use extensive collaboration tools
      and so much more..

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