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Key Idea: Create Work That Isn't Work

When work feels like  play, time disappears.  Work can be fun, rewarding, educational, and even uplifting.  This is Cathy Price.    More...

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At Cowgirl, the owner tries to make every job seem like play.  This begins with the purpose of the company and this purpose attracts women who want to help other women take care of their skin.  This might sound silly to you but it works here at Cowgirl.

We have never met an owner who would rather be someplace else while they are at  work.  In fact, Jim Schell, our veteran entrepreneur and mentor to us here said, "I knew I needed to sell my business when I was wishing I was on the golf course rather than on my sales floor."  He went on to say that he was burned out and the business would not thrive if he stayed so he sold.

It is hard for us owners to transfer the passion and fun we have at work to everyone on our team.  This is because we are going against a general feeling that work is a four letter word!  You hear people say, "I have to go to work," or "I'm tired for a long day at work."

I've read child psychologists who say that play is the work of children. So, why can't work be the play of adults? At Small Business School we say that a job is something you are doing when you would rather be doing something else. Fortunately, excellent small business owners have positioned themselves to play 24 hours a day, seven days a week. People who don't understand this concept actually think small business owners have it easy because it seems as if we can do what we want to do when we want to do it.

We arrived at our position through putting forth years and years of effort. And all along the way, we actually thought what looked like to others to be work was play.

Think about it

Are you having fun at work?  Do your employees have fun?  Is there a lot of laughter in the halls? If not, why not?  Should you sell your business?

Clip from: Cowgirl Enterprises: Just Do it! Take charge!

Boulder, Colorado: In this episode of the show we visit with all American cowgirls. They actually ride horses and Harleys. They know how to sweat, roll up their sleeves and get the work done. There are no prima donnas here. They stand in sharp contrast to so many woman in the world. And because they embody the American spirit for freedom and adventure, we encourage the vision, "Take it global, Donna!" Encourage all woman who are held back or in the dark.

So many of our viewers ask, "How do you get a business started?" Here is a good story to study.

Donna Baase had a vision about skincare products that come from botanicals -- herbs, flowers, roots, etc. In the dry air of Colorado, especially in this mile high city, she knows women need and want skin moisturizers that really work.

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Cowgirl Skincare

Donna Baase, Founder

833 W. South Boulder Road
Building A Tel: 303-440-7549
Louisville, CO 80027

Visit our web site:

Toll Free: 888-440-7549

Business Classification:
Personal Products

Year Founded: 1987

Create Work That Isn't Work

Donna doesn't leave anything to chance. Cathy Price is a customer and her insurance adviser.

CATHY PRICE: One of the main concerns in cosmetics is the pollution exposure, a lot of chemicals and ingredients that can cause real pollution damage. And that's a real concern when you're the insurer. The other real high-risk end of cosmetics is how it can possibly hurt a customer. But those are usually products that have a lot of chemicals in them. The beauty of Donna's product is it's all natural ingredients.

HATTIE: What is good work to you?

DONNA: Well, it's really not separate from the rest of my life. It's being able to be who I am. And the people that are here--we have a great time. We have fun. We have a million funny things to say.

I often will walk in and say, `Hey, what do you think of this?' I want everyone's opinion. It's--you know, it's important that we all--and it's really important that the people here buy the Cowgirl way. They have to see this through my filter in a sense. There's plenty of room for self-expression and who we all are, but ultimately, I have to be the one leading it.

HATTIE: Do cowgirls wimp and moan?

DONNA: We don't. We kick. Estee Lauder started -- I love her history. She started in a little tiny store in flat--in little salons in Flatbush passing out cream to women who didn't even know that their hands--skin could look softer. She started the exact same way. It's the American dream.

It's just being a cowgirl.

See, our products and people, why they like them--it's not some fancy chemicals from New York City. It's just a little hunk of sunflower oil with some beeswax and a little bit of healing herbs. And you rub it on and it works.

And I think, for me, that's kind of where I am. Just be me. And just hold the reins.

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