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Key Idea: Move Out Of The House

You've read about the surge of home-based businesses. Yes, this is a happening, but staying at home could keep you smaller than you want to be. 

Key Question:


Donna opened for business from her kitchen and soon it was overrun with people and stuff. Her home was being taken over by bottles and packing materials and paperwork, not to mention her kitchen was the non-stop scene for the incubation of new formulas.

Donna had had it. She did not have a personal life. Cowgirl Enterprises had spread itself into the closets and hallways of her home. Donna rented the space the business occupies today, but she still has a home office.

The Cowgirl team is better served by a location away from Donna's home, and Donna has the clear separation from the stuff of work (although you should know that she is still trying to clean the beeswax from her kitchen floor) .

Think about it

Do you operate a business from home?  Is your business growing?  Are your dreams bigger than you kitchen table?  Is your work an intrusion on your family?

Clip from: Cowgirl Enterprises: Just Do it! Take charge!

Boulder, Colorado: In this episode of the show we visit with all American cowgirls. They actually ride horses and Harleys. They know how to sweat, roll up their sleeves and get the work done. There are no prima donnas here. They stand in sharp contrast to so many woman in the world. And because they embody the American spirit for freedom and adventure, we encourage the vision, "Take it global, Donna!" Encourage all woman who are held back or in the dark.

So many of our viewers ask, "How do you get a business started?" Here is a good story to study.

Donna Baase had a vision about skincare products that come from botanicals -- herbs, flowers, roots, etc. In the dry air of Colorado, especially in this mile high city, she knows women need and want skin moisturizers that really work.

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Cowgirl Skincare

Donna Baase, Founder

833 W. South Boulder Road
Building A Tel: 303-440-7549
Louisville, CO 80027

Visit our web site:

Toll Free: 888-440-7549

Business Classification:
Personal Products

Year Founded: 1987

Move Out Of The House

HATTIE: (Voiceover) Donna's daughter Alexis was the first person to hear the Cowgirl Cream idea.

Alexis, you're driving in the car with your Mom and she says, `Oh, I've got an idea. I'm going to make Cowgirl Cream.' Did you say, `Oh this is just another one of my mother's wacky ideas'?

ALEXIS: No, it sounded cool to us just because --I don't know, my Mom has a way -- if she's enthusiastic about something, everybody else is enthusiastic about it.

HATTIE: (Voiceover) Donna's first product was Cowgirl Cream. And now there are four other items: Extreme Cream, Trail Boss Bar, Ranchhand Cream and the Cowgirl Lip Balm.

DONNA: The truth is, I started it in my kitchen. This was a home-based business for about the first six months.

HATTIE: OK. You stirred up in your kitchen...

DONNA: Right.

HATTIE: ...the literal first product that you sold.

DONNA: Correct.

HATTIE: When did you move out of your house?

DONNA: After about six to nine months. We moved right up here in that section over there.

HATTIE: Did that feel different?

DONNA: That was a huge jump. Well, I knew I had to get out of my home. You can't really run a business out of your home. Cathy would come in twice a week and do the books. And Michelle, who was the student wrapper at the time, would sit at the kitchen table and wrap and it was nutty. It--just more packing boxes and peanut bags. And my house was just being taken over. But I knew I had a business. We moved up here. It felt frightening because it was a commitment to pay the rent. But I also really see this happening all the time. I mean, as soon as we got here, business increased.

HATTIE: Where did the idea for the cake -- the bar come from?

DONNA: Well, actually, a really good friend of mine brought me something similar from Italy and said, `This is cool. Look at this.' It was olive oil, and that was it, in a little cake in beeswax. I said, `This is brilliant. You know how brilliant this is?' Because the truth is, every product for hand and body care, hand creams particularly, are pump bottles, as we describe them.

HATTIE: Right. DONNA: Just more liquid, more lotions. I said, `I know I could make that cake.' And I came up with a formula. I worked--beeswax is difficult to work with, because if you spill it, it immediately dries, horrible to get off your floor. It's messy. So you need a place where you can really be sloppy with beeswax, which isn't your kitchen.

HATTIE: Do you have beeswax on your kitchen floor?

DONNA: I do. I always will. And that's where I had to start to find people to make the product. So I'm thinking about the cleanser, how we could do a cleanser that would fit the Cowgirl Cream and also Extreme, certainly an aloe base.

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