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Key Idea: Be The Best In The World

Record Technology's niche is quality. Experts agree they make the best vinyl records in the world. Don has never tried to be the funkiest or the fastest. Through thick and thin, real peaks and valleys, Record Technology has stayed true to its original mission. They'll never be the biggest, but they'll always be the best.   More...

Key Question:


You must be different and even better you can decide to be the best in the world at what you do.

Q:  Remember the discussion about Bill Bauer, the founder of RTI?  Do you remember what Don said about his decision to start a business and  how did he decided what kind of company he wanted to build?  (Reference:  See next video)

A:  He did his homework. From extensive research he learned that there were plenty of record repressing plants but the end users told him there was no company making flawless records. There is no reason to start a business when someone is already doing exactly what you want to do. Duplicating efforts or trying to copy never works in the long run.

Once you decide what your niche is going to be, stick to it. It is tempting to try but you can not be all things to all people. You can not promise quality, low prices and speed of delivery for example. You have to choose. Perhaps you can be the lowest price and the fastest but you can't deliver quality under that pressure. Or, you can deliver quality and low price if you have all the time in the world to deliver. Or, you can be the quality provider with the highest prices and as-promised delivery.

Sometimes quality providers get in trouble missing deadlines. This happens to many professional service providers such as attorneys, architects, ad agencies etc. Record Technology opened its doors announcing it would be the quality record pressing company and consistently over the years they have pleased their customers with quality and by meeting deadlines.

Q:  Can the quality provider ever be the biggest?

A:  With great difficulty and years and tons of money maybe. That sounds like a waffle of an answer but we think it's accurate. IBM probably makes the best computer hardware because they have for decades dedicated 10% of their budget to basic research. IBM's Waston Lab generates more patents than any other company in the world and they are always on the leading bleeding edge of their industry.

Q:  When you get to say that you are the best in the world at what you do?

A:  When your customers say it and not before.

Think about it

Do your customers think of you as the quality provider in your industy?  Who are your  competitors?  Do they compete on quality?

Clip from: Record Technology

Camarillo, California: Meet Melody and Don MacInnis; they're  "making it in America."   They manufacturer and export to the far corners of the world because they are now known as the best  record manufacturers -  vinyl, phonograph, long-playing records -- on earth.  Most kids today do not even know what what a vinyl LP record is.  Most think it is a dead technology.  But talk to any audiophile, and  you'll hear them wax euphorically about the fullness of the analog quality of the sound.

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Record Technology, Inc.

Don & Melody MacInnis, Owners

486 Dawson Drive
Camarillo, CA 93012

Visit our web site:

Business Classification:

Year Founded: 1992

Be The Best In The World

HATTIE: Hi. I'm Hattie Bryant  and this is SMALL BUSINESS SCHOOL. Every week we take you inside a company. You meet and learn from the founder. You see for yourself what makes the business work.

Today we'll visit a business that has some of the world's finest musicians and record producers as customers.  But the owner says he's not in the entertainment business, he just makes good grooves.

For 100 years this is how people brought music into their homes, phonograph records. It may seem like outdated technology, but Don MacInnis is making money with it and will continue to.

DON MacINNIS (Record Technology): Jazz and blues, classical.

HATTIE: Wow. Look at that.

DON: Elvis.

HATTIE: Ooh, he's so young.

(Voiceover) In 1983, Don MacInnis moved out to Camarillo, California, to get away from the hassle of Los Angeles. An employment agency sent him to Record Technology, a record-pressing plant, on a temporary assignment to work in the shipping department. Today he owns the business.

Why would anybody want an LP?

DON: Well, that's the $64,000 question, and we get asked that all the time. Lots of different reasons, but for our particular market, most of our people that buy a record made at Record Technology think that the sound is better, that the analog sound on a well-made LP is better than what they would get digitally reproduced from a compact disc.

HATTIE: (Voiceover) We learned from record producers that making a CD is much simpler than pressing a vinyl album. With digital production, if you follow the rules, you'll get a perfect result. With analog, if you follow the rules, you may not achieve perfection.

DON: (Voiceover) The first step is going to the electric forming department, Gary Solstrum's area. There's a spray booth that sprays a silver coating onto this. It goes into a tank, and in that tank, the element nickle is deposited onto the surface of the silver, creating an opposite image of the original groove. And we go through that process several times, of a positive and a negative and a positive, and then the final product is another negative that's referred to as the stamper. That's the mold from which the records are made. The vinyl raw material comes in the form of pellets, and the pellets are delivered by vacuum to each record press. The paper labels are brought into position, and it is pressed into a pattie or what we call a biscuit. Once the vinyl has been molded into the form of the record, the press will open and deliver the record to the trimming table, where the excess material is trimmed away, and then the outside edge is burnished to a smooth surface.

HATTIE: And you make the best grooves in the world.

DON: Number one.

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