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Key Idea: Put People First

Hattie discovers that all three of the men in this episode are convinced that by putting people first some kind of magic happens and the business prospers.

Key Question:


Put people first.

Albert makes it clear and his experience is the best teacher to us all.  Albert has become very wealthy by putting himself last.   And,  I can tell you that there are about 200 business owners in this library and all of them either love people or have someone one their team who does.  One owner told me her only job is to make sure every employee is happy.  When she said that I thought she was being flippant but the more I watched her the more I realized that she said something profound.

The seasoned owners know that happy people work hard and they stay with you.  Anne Beiler who built Auntie Anne's Pretzels said that her CEO job was all about making people feel good.  That is fascinating since her firm was doing over $300 million in revenue when she told us this.

How do you put people first?  Look them in the eye when you talk with them.  Ask them questions and listen to what they say to you.  Pay them fairly and give them chances to learn.  Even Google is struggling now to keep its top talent.  They say that they have lost people who do not feel they are being used fully.

People, even those brainy ones at Google, leave where they feel they are not appreciated.

Think about it

When it comes to my business, what do I think about the most?  Do I think deeply about the needs of my employees?   Do I offer employees an opportunity to learn and grow?  Do my employees stay?  Do they recruit  their family and friends to work with us?

Clip from: Values-Based Business: Understanding Ethics and Personal Integrity

What is value?  How is it  created?  Within small business it surely is not based on a business valuation that a stock market can seemingly wipe out in a matter of days. What we discover is that  value has much to do with the real relations of business.    About those posters....

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Put People First

HATTIE: Have you ever had anybody say, `What do you mean by integrity?'

MIKE: Oh, absolutely. In fact, one of the things we learned early on--I remember we had had the seven value sets and we had an associate that said, `You know, these are words to me. What do you mean by them?'

HATTIE: And what did you say?

MIKE: And that's how we ended up starting to create the sentences around each one of those values. And we go through a process that we hire people to the value sets, we develop the value sets, we recognize to it. In some cases, we terminate people when they don't follow the value sets.

ALBERT: Make no doubt about it, that On Target is in business to get rich. No doubt about that. But our first and foremost goal is to develop people. When you take a look at our mission, our mission, when reduced to three things, it is to develop people, develop community and develop profits.

HATTIE: So that's the secret, to put the people first.

ALBERT: That's the secret. Put people first. Put people first, and they'll put you first. Put them last and guess where you'll be?

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