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Last Update: Friday September 17, 2021

Key Idea: Think Big from Day One

Concluding Remarks:  Jodi Johnson and the three other founders in this episode all launched companies with a goal to reach a hundred million in annual sales!

Key Question:


Examine the thinking of the founder.  If you want a multi-million dollar business, you should start out with that goal.  All of the founders in this program started thinking big from day one.  Joe and Mark were thinking big when they fell on their faces with their initial ideas.  Because they were thinking big, they gave up on their first ideas and looked for a better idea. Their better ideas turned into many millions in sales.

This proves that all ideas are not equal!  How obvious is that?  To some of us it is not so obvious.  We know hundreds of business owners.  Some are rolling in cash and others are very comfortable while some struggle.

You can either do just what you want to do when you want to do it and hope that you'll win some customers; or, you can figure out what customers will pay you to do and you do it.  The very rich owners we know do the latter.  Money is not the only goal of ownership so you decide how big you want to be based on your goals and motivations.

Think about it

Five years from now...
What do you want your annual sales to be? 
How many employees do you want to have? 
What will you be doing with your time?

Clip from: Veterans Think Big

Let us celebrate and honor the contributions of our veterans. 

Washington, DC and the nation:  Defenders of freedom. Patriots.  Veterans.   These people come from every part of society and from every corner of the nation.  They get special training and they serve their country.  Some enter combat and some get injured. In one way or another, they all come home,  and are discharged or retire from the military.  Many join the workforce and begin re-creating their life with the special honors and experiences of being in the US military.

Meet four veterans who came home and started a business and each of them has become enormously successful.  They have all been creating jobs for many years now and are all highly respected within their industry.

In this episode of the show they each tell how they started companies to provide services to the military.   They explain that doing business with the federal government is different than selling goods and services to the private sector. 

All three have fast-growing businesses that range from $26 million to $70 million in annual sales.

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Titania Solutions (founders of Oberon Associates as well)

Jodi Johnson & David Young, Co-founders

9700 Capital Court, Suite 301
Manassas, VA 20110

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Business Classification:
defense/government contracts

Year Founded: 2002

Think Big from Day One

VOICEOVER:  All of these entrepreneurs thought big from the start.

JODI  JOHNSON:  My mom used to say to me you start as you wish to proceed.  And we built Oberon as we intended to proceed.  So we built a finance and accounting, a contracts, a human resource and a security infrastructure that would support us at 500 people and we started from day one knowing that’s where we’re going.  By the way I don’t want to stop at 500.  We’re almost there.  We’ll hit 500 this month.  But the intention was to not have stair steps and have to readjust every time we win some work. 

DAVE YOUNG:  Growth is important.  Because it provides opportunities for your people that you’re hiring.  If you stop growing for any length of time I think it’s destructive because good people then start to feel a little stagnated. 

HATTIE:  So at $60 million you said oops, I need a CFO.

JOE FERGUS: ...need a CFO, need a new management team that understands the mechanics of going from a small business to a large business and that has been a major struggle for us even today to get to that point. 

Hattie:  Did you ever think your company would get this big?

JOE:  I’m one of those people that can tell you flat out, yes.  This is not where I want to be actually, I see my company being a hundred times bigger than this.  

MARK GROSS:  We have a goal and my goal is to be a $100 million company.

HATTIE:  Would you keep coming to work every day after you hit the $100 million goal?

MARK  Well, to me it’s not work.  I mean to me I enjoy what I do so it’s not a burden to me to come to the office.  I like coming to work.  I like the people that work with me and so the answer is, yeah, absolutely would still be coming to the office.

 JOE:  I wake up and it’s like an adrenalin rush to go to work because you just know that you’re going to do something great today. 

JODI:  I may not be in uniform any more but the work that we’re doing, providing services and tools to the folks on the battlefield is very important, close to my heart. I think we’re saving lives and it’s good to be part of that.

DAVE:  I think one of the reasons why we’ve enjoyed this success that we’ve enjoyed at Oberon is you know, the risk taking attitude and culture that we’ve had. 

JOE:  The objective isn’t necessarily to have a lot of people but to create tech that has an impact on many.

JODI:  Our customers trust us.  Our employees trust us.  We try to be the best at what we do. 

MARK:   It has been painful, it has taken me time but, but no I never, I never thought about quitting.  Never.

VOICEOVER:  Build on what you know with people you know, invest everything, listen to the marketplace and your mentors, surround yourself with the brightest and the best and most important, think big.

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