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Key Idea: The Enterprise Network (TEN)

Host Hattie Bryant discovers that entrepreneurs energize each other at this business incubator.    To review this episode of the show, key idea by key idea, click here.

Think about it

Are you thinking of starting a business?  Is there a business incubator in your area?  Do you think being around others who are struggling with new ideas would inspire you?

Clip from: The Enterprise Network

The Enterprise Network (TEN)

Mark Godwin, President & CEO

Access Growth LLC
2953 Bunker Hill Lane Suite 400
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Visit our web site:

Office: 408-893-4500
Toll Free: 877-256-4500

Business Classification:
Business Incubator - NGO

Year Founded: 1993

The Enterprise Network (TEN)

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HATTIE: Hi. I'm Hattie Bryant.

Silicon Valley has produced more wealth through innovation than any other area in the world. Rather than taking jobs in big companies, college graduates in the Silicon Valley are finding ways to bring their own ideas to the marketplace.

Today, we take you to The Enterprise Network. It's a place that fosters, encourages, nurtures and rolls entrepreneurs out to face the real world with real solutions. All of them are focused on technology because that's what Silicon Valley does best.

Step into the master class with some of our youngest veterans.

Computer Voice: You're about to start the Extempo Web Tour, you lucky dog.

BARBARA HAYES-ROTH: I can talk to him in natural language. (Barabara asks Max) And who are you?

Computer Voice of Max: I'm Max, buddy. Your tour guide. I'm here to show you around.

BARBARA: Max, himself, is a character who's available to work on other Web sites. It's very easy to offer him, and tell him what he needs to know in order to give a tour on another Web site.

Computer Voice: Here's our first stop.

HATTIE: Incubating companies find inexpensive office space, T-1 lines, mentors and money when they join TEN, The Enterprise Network. And TEN is located here, where hundreds of highly successful businesses spring to life, Silicon Valley, south of San Francisco.
If ideas gave off heat, this place would be on fire.

HATTIE: And Bugs Bunny. Is this a prospect?
SEAN GRIFFIN (CEO, StudioFX): This was actually a business plan up here.
HATTIE: This is your corporate business plan?

SEAN: This is the corporate business plan.
HATTIE: I love this corporate business plan.
SEAN: And, so the time line is there . . .

HATTIE: (Voiceover) This building doesn't look like much on the outside, but inside, dozens of high-tech companies have taken their first steps toward success.

HATTIE: Why are you carrying this sign through the building?

DAMODAR DAS PERIWAL (Founder, CEO, Software Tree): Oh, we are just coming back from San Francisco from a trade show, JavaOne trade show.

DAMODAR: And we had--this is our first trade show. We released our product on Tuesday, this Tuesday. And we got tremendous leads, a tremendous amount of leads.

HATTIE: (Voiceover) Everywhere in the incubator, you could see the future being invented. Art Gappen shows us his Eyebot.

ART GAFFIN (SIGHTech, Chairman and CEO): It's actually learning what this product looks like right now.

ART: And after it's learned it, then we can hit the inspect button, and now it's ready to inspect for defects. .

ART: So we can find a defective bottle, one that has a blemish on it of some sort, and there is a small blemish on this one. It's hard to see, but it is on there. And the unit will spot that and eject it off the table. (It does!)


(Voiceover) Robert Blechman and Fred Clark are bringing the Internet to your home without a computer.

ROBERT BLECHMAN: Sixty percent of households don't have PCs. And yet, lots of people would love to have access to the Internet. So this device actually solves that problem.

FRED CLARK: We're creating content for these devices. You have the manufacturers of these devices, you have operating systems for these devices. Well, we're the guys who are going to bring you personalized content.

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