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Last Update: Monday June 21, 2021

Key Idea: Your mission and vision can be customer-focused

Ron Willingham asks you to look at your goals and objectives.  Is it product-focused or is it customer focused?  Also, review this videos about Integrity Selling and needs-focused selling.

Think about it

Clip from: Ron Willingham and the Ways to Wealth

Phoenix:  As the author of twelve books, Ron Willingham would be  considered a thoughtful person.  That he has had over 27,000 people go through his train-the-trainer courses would make him an influential person.  That all those trainers have had over 1.5 million people throughout the world actually work through Ron's courses puts him up with the ranks of Dale Carniege.

It wasn't enough for Ron. 

He decided to retire to think about his final chapters.  He sold the business he nurtured from an idea to a titan, a new industry-defining business with a purpose to redefine old business thinking. 

He had four strategic courses and eleven books but it was not enough.  Something was burning inside of him.  Throughout his life he was an avid reader of any book, pamphlet, or flier that was written by the founding fathers.  He was particularly struck by Benjamin Franklin so much so that he consider old Ben to be his mentor.

Immediately upon retiring, he went to work.

He collaborated with Benjamin Franklin and wrote a  somewhat autobiographical book, The Ten Laws of Wealth & Abundance.

That opened the floodgates of creativity and now you find Ron back working harder than he ever has.  He wants to reverse the economic crisis of our time and cretae a world he would be proud to have his grandchildren inherit.

Here  is a page that summarizes where he is today and where he and his team are going.

Life Script Learning, Inc.

Ron Willingham, Founder, 602.956.0030

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Year Founded: 2007

Your mission and vision can be customer-focused

RON WILLINGHAM (Integrity Selling): First, people do not want to be sold, but they want to do business with people who will understand their needs and will partner with them and help them create some value for themselves. I think businesses, as an example, are looking for vendors to come in and to partner with them, to understand their business, understand what their objectives are, understand what their uniqueness is, and to say to them, `Here's how I can help you march along to reach some of your goals. Here's how I can help you increase your profitability, your productivity.'

And I think we, as individuals, are looking for the same thing. We're looking for people who are not just there to try to sell us something, but people who are there to understand our needs, to be sensitive to these needs, and to say to us, `We want to help you reach your objectives. We want to help you reach goals that you have.'

Let me give you an example.

I recently worked with a life insurance company, and we helped them change their whole mission statement.

Their mission statement had been, kind of paraphrased, that, `We sell life insurance and investment products.' And we helped them change their mission statement to say that, `We help people set and achieve financial goals.' See the difference? One is very product-focused, one is very customer-needs focused.

And I believe that sophisticated consumers today, who are being bombarded with advertisement about all kinds of products and services, and who have options that they've never had before--we have low prices and we have lots of different kinds of options--I believe these people are beginning to say that, `I'm going to spend my money with people who are interested in me, who really care about me, who are honest, who have integrity and who are going to try to understand and fill my needs.' And so clearly, that's one way that consumers are changing today, and one way that selling is having to change today to meet the needs of these consumers.

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