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Key Idea: Share Problems with Other Owners

Pamela Hulse Andrews, founder of Cascade Business News, says that going to Opportunity Knocks is refreshing.

Key Question:


Talk to other owners about how they got through the same type of problems you are going through now.

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Think about it

Do you take time to talk over problems with other owners?  Do you mentor younger business owners?  Do you know a retired business owner you can go to for help?

Clip from: Opportunity Knocks

Bend, Oregon: Meet veteran entrepreneur, Jim Schell.  Jim says, "No small business owner should feel lonely."  But we do.

Jim advocates creating your own small business owners group.  He calls them OK Groups and he's glad to share his guidelines.  These groups typically meet once a month for three hours. Usually there is a group for business owners in retail, manufacturing, service and home-based business. The owners serve as an advisory board to one another.

In this episode of the show you meet participants and see how they work together to solve problems and grow their businesses.

Jim Schell says, "All business problems are generic. You've seen one, you've seen 'em all. Products may be different, services may be different, but they're all generic." He has seen with his own eyes that when he puts a group of small-business people together in the same room, someone else will have had the problem, or the opportunity, that another owner is struggling with now.

The key knowledge gained by every OK member is how to use their financial statements to run their business.  Jim wrote a book on the subject .  Using Your Financial Statements is an episode about the topic.  Let's visit Bend, Oregon and learn what it is that Jim teaches his OK members.   

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Share Problems with Other Owners

HATTIE: (Voiceover) Business owners are grouped by business type. We visited the retail and service group.

Unidentified Woman #1: I wanted to read a little bit of our mission statement. Because sometimes we jump right into things, I want to remind everybody why we're doing this: `To develop a financially self-sustaining networking program as a vehicle for central Oregon business owners and/or managers communicating together to solve their problems.' In essence, you are each other's board of directors, and you are here to solve each other's problems. Each one of you is a CEO of your own company, and this is your board.

PAMELA HULSE ANDREWS (Cascade Business News - CBN): My critical issue last time was identifying CBN in the marketplace, and I talked about that and how we struggled with that. But actually you-all told me that wasn't my critical issue. After we got though all that, you-all told me that my critical issue was totally off base, that I needed stress management . . .

HATTIE: (Voiceover) Pamela Hulse Andrews is the founder of the Cascade Business News.

PAMELA: When I go there I feel like I'm in group therapy. I mean, it's a really good feeling, and I look forward to going there. You can share all kinds of things -- and who else do you share it with?

BILL HAYES (Owner, The Bend Guitar Shop): ...and like, here's a Les Paul...

HATTIE: (Voiceover) Bill Hayes owns The Bend Guitar Shop.

BILL: I'm getting the feeling that I'm not out there alone trying to make this happen; that there's other people, too, with entrepreneurs with some business issues that are similar to mine In a group we can discuss these issues and everybody's always right there with positive response to help each other with critical issues, and their own expertise. Everybody has something different to offer.

HATTIE: Have you ever had, in either one of your businesses, any kind of board of advisers before?

BILL: Absolutely not. It's always been usually just me doing it . . .

HATTIE: Scratching your head, `OK, what do I do now?'

BILL: Yeah, `Boy, what am I gonna do now?' So it's great to sit around a table with some really intelligent, articulate people that really have positive information to really help. I studied music in college, not business, so it's good to be around people that are left-brained, and I'm right-brained, so it works good.

Teacher: All right. Let's do another sky. Don't mess about with it. Use the whole arm.

HATTIE: (Voiceover) Dee Hanson started Art in the Mountains.

Teacher: The sky looks much more believable. You've got a good horizon.

HATTIE: Why did you join an OK group?

DEE HANSON (Founder, Art in the Mountains): I thought it was absolutely what I was looking for; being a sole proprietor in a business, it's very lonely. Fortunately I have my husband to discuss business matters with, but still you need a lot of input from other people, and it's been like having a board of directors.

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