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Key Idea: Add a New Market

Use  a free offer to gather names, addresses, emails and phone numbers .

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Tap into traffic.  This restaurant gathers the contact information of current customers and even targets kids separately from their parents.  Good or bad, today kids often drive buying decisions so this is a perfect idea for the times.

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Think about it

How do you find new customers?  How do you communicate with prospects and customers?  Do you have a database that works for you?

Clip from: Ferrer Brokers

Otay Mesa, California and Tijuana, Mexico: Leonor Ferrer is the first Hispanic customs broker in the greater San Diego area and she is leading the way. She is president of the San Diego Chapter of National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America. You can sure that she and all of the leading thinkers among the import/export business are eager to help you begin to go global.

Leonor learned the ins-and-outs of this business working for somebody else. When her boss said that he was not interested in handling small businesses, people who only had small shipments to export or import, she struggled with herself, "Should I break away and start my own business to service these small accounts."

And, of course, she did. Ferrer Brokers has nine employees and a building across from the commercial border crossing. She is in Otay Mesa, just south of San Diego, California. Her offices are less than 100 feet from the Tijuana border. As all the 18-wheel truckers cross the border, they have to turn right or they would end up in her parking lot!

Ferrer Brokers

Leonor Ferrer, Founder

9840 Via De La Armistad
Otay, CA 92154

Visit our web site:

Office: 6196616755

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Year Founded:

Add a New Market

HATTIE: John Wargo, our marketing expert, gives us some advice.

HATTIE: Let's talk about how a small company can expand its markets. Can you give me some examples of some companies that are doing that right?

JOHN: We have an example, Patrick Judd of the Daily Bread Cafe in St. Louis. What he does, as people come into the restaurant, he asks them to sign up for a free birthday lunch, or a free lunch for someone else.

HATTIE: Now what's the difference in the colors of the cards?

JOHN: He has the kids sign up on a bright orange card. He has individuals sign up four months for two.

HATTIE: That's for adults?

JOHN: It's for adults. What he's doing is essentially, you can see, is the same information; different cards for his target audience.

HATTIE: But kids like that.

JOHN: He's saying to the kids 'you're somebody special.' But, there's no kid coming without their parents.

HATTIE: Right!

JOHN: Here's the great thing that Patrick does: he sends you a birthday card. 'Come in and celebrate your birthday with us.'

HATTIE: Let them eat cake. Look how fun!

JOHN: And he's creative. Now here's a cafe, and he's really saying, yes there is a free lunch and you know where it is? It's at the Daily Bread Cafe, so come on in. And they do.

HATTIE: OK. Does he go back every night in his own computer and enter his data?

JOHN: Actually, what Patrick does is he employees a direct mail company that supplements his business.

HATTIE: OK. So they do that part for him.

JOHN: They maintain the list for him.

HATTIE: Talk to me about how he's developed a whole new revenue stream other than the retail customer that walks in the door?

JOHN: He's dealing with a direct marketing company on the consumer side so he sat down with them and said what can I do on the commercial side? The company showed him how to target businesses in the area. He's been now able to bring that list down to where now he has 300 customers on the commercial side of his list. What he does with them is he sends them newsletters, he sends them information, he stays in touch with them. He knows he's not doing business in the catering business on a daily basis, but it will be with some degree of frequency, so he needs to stay in front of them. He has a silent salesman working for him every time he makes a mailing. Not only is Patrick good, not only can we talk about his genius, he is a genius in the kitchen. He makes great cookies and fortunately he sent some to us.

HATTIE: Let's taste 'em! And you can get these at

JOHN: I'm a testimonial.

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