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Key Idea: Discipline Yourself

Leonor Ferrer says that to succeed as a business owner you have to have a good idea, be willing to do without, and have a hunger inside to be independent.

Key Question:


You have to really want to be your own boss.  You have to thrive on the pressure of making the payroll and bending over backwards for customers.

After years of hard work, Leonor  has her own building, 9 employees, many happy customers and in that way she is a success. But, many would say she should be more aggressive in her sales and marketing to grow the business since she is physically and in terms of experience, positioned to be large. 

Think about it

Are you able to keep you eye on your goal?  Would your spouse and your employees describe you as a disciplined person?  where are you now in relation to the goals you have set for youself?

Clip from: Ferrer Brokers

Otay Mesa, California and Tijuana, Mexico: Leonor Ferrer is the first Hispanic customs broker in the greater San Diego area and she is leading the way. She is president of the San Diego Chapter of National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America. You can sure that she and all of the leading thinkers among the import/export business are eager to help you begin to go global.

Leonor learned the ins-and-outs of this business working for somebody else. When her boss said that he was not interested in handling small businesses, people who only had small shipments to export or import, she struggled with herself, "Should I break away and start my own business to service these small accounts."

And, of course, she did. Ferrer Brokers has nine employees and a building across from the commercial border crossing. She is in Otay Mesa, just south of San Diego, California. Her offices are less than 100 feet from the Tijuana border. As all the 18-wheel truckers cross the border, they have to turn right or they would end up in her parking lot!

Ferrer Brokers

Leonor Ferrer, Founder

9840 Via De La Armistad
Otay, CA 92154

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Office: 6196616755

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Discipline Yourself

LEONOR: To be a business owner, you have to have, like, a hunger inside to want to do it by yourself. You have to have--of course, you need the tools. It's like you can build a house with a hammer and a couple of nails, but if you have the nice maquilas (free trade zone)  and you have all the nice tools, you're gonna do it a lot faster. But I think that to start a business, you have to have a good idea and you have to have a long range and, I think, a spirit of sacrifice because you have to know that you are not going to be--when you have your business, your vacation is not--you don't get two weeks vacation one time a year. I have been in business all this time and the most I've ever been able to go is two weeks at a time. So you know that you're gonna have to do without a lot of things. And money is one of the things at the beginning. I know a lot of people that start a business and, right away, they want to make their own salary that they were--you know, if they were working for a major company. And that's not the case. You have to discipline yourself.

HATTIE: So we have to be prepared...

LEONOR: You have to be prepared.

HATTIE: go without.

LEONOR: Exactly.

HATTIE: Is it worth it to you?

LEONOR: Oh, sure. Sure it is. I'm independent, and it's a very important thing to me. And it depends on--I think people start business for different ideas. Mine is to be independent, and that's a very important thing for me. So I'm happy.

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