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Last Update: Wednesday June 23, 2021

Key Idea: Use Multi-Stage Marketing

John Wargo tells host Hattie Bryant that prospects need to be reached in multiple ways.

Key Question:


Use muti-stage mailing work to build your brand.

Big companies spend millions of dollars every year simply putting their brand in front of us. A small company can do this with a multi-stage mailing and do it very inexpensively. The first time a person sees a logo or a product, they probably won't react. With multiple exposures, the person will eventually be convinced to be open, and then possibly to come in, explore, then hopefully buy. 

Think about it

Do you use multi-stage marketing?  Could you?  Should you consider it?

Clip from: Jackalope, where myth and poetry meet reality

Santa Fe, New Mexico: Take a little bit of mystery, add fantasy, mix one part entertainment with demonstrations of the arts in progress, then add great food, decorative arts for the home, a little zoo on the side, and space to wander and fantasize about the meaning and value of life ...and you have come to Jackalope. It is a new kind of retail. Part bazaar, a little bizarre, yet always business as art. You have to experience it to believe it and there is no better place than Santa Fe.

Come meet this soft-spoken gentleman, a free spirit who dreams dreams. Meet Darby McQuade.

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Use Multi-Stage Marketing

HATTIE: Darby and millions of other small retailers are constantly working to get shoppers in the door and many have learned that database marketing is cost effective. John Wargo, our sales and marketing adviser, is going to explain how to use multistage database marketing to create excitement around a new product or service or location.

JOHN WARGO (Sales & Marketing Adviser): A multistage mailing is a campaign that is designed to build excitement, and it leads up to a major event. For example, you're a small-business person and you're going to open a new store. Why wait until the door's open? What you want to do is a multistage event. You send out a postcard to people in the area, maybe a resident or occupant mail, and you say, `Something new is coming in your neighborhood.' Then as you get closer, you send maybe another that says, `Have you noticed the new construction? Have you noticed a new storefront?' Then you might yet another and say, `Coming at the end of the month, there's going to be a grand opening.' And just before the opening, you might send them a sample or an invitation with offer for a free gift if they come to your opening. Now this just one example. What you're doing is you are sending three or four different mailings to an individual to start to build excitement, to start to lead towards some type of event. Many people will also use other media. What happens is they'll say, `Watch the newspaper ad during this week.'

A multistage campaign can be very effective with a mix of media.

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