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Last Update: Saturday September 18, 2021

Key Idea: Be Number One

Earn your position in the market by being the best at what you do.   

Now, pictured here is the statue of Mary Dyer.  She was hanged, June 1, 1660, on Boston Common for being a Quaker. She died a martyr and became the symbol for religious freedom for this new country.   More...  (between 1:51 and 2:58 minutes)

Key Question:


Passion, product, price, positioning, placement.  You know.  All of those perfect marketing "Ps."  Once Andy Wilson was able to say that he was selling more tickets than any attraction in Boston he was quickly able to say he was the biggest attraction in the whole state!

He then went on to win an award that was presented by President of the United States.  The key here is you can be small and be the biggest because you are in a small, sweet niche.  That's the game you are playing.

Think about it

Can you define your niche smaller so you can be the biggest in it?  Can you enter a contest so that when you win you can say that you won a top award?  Can you get some industry expert to say you are the best?

Clip from: Boston Duck Tours: The Money is Out There

Boston: Meet Andy Wilson, founder of Boston Duck Tours. A Massachusetts Small Business Person of the Year, he turned three passions into a single business – his love of Boston, his respect for early American history, and the Charles River.

First, he wants us all to know the history of this country's early struggles for religious toleration, freedom, equality, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Learn how such passion moved him to quit his job and raise over $1M to launch this dream -- an 80-minute, historically-narrated tour from an authentic World War II amphibious landing craft.

Take the tour now as we wander the narrow streets of Boston and splash down onto the Charles River for the grande tour Boston.

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Boston Duck Tours

Cindy Brown, CEO (Andy Wilson, founder)

3 Copely Place
Suite 310
Boston, MA 02116

Visit our web site:

Office: 6172673825

Business Classification:
Entertainment / education

Year Founded: 1994

Be Number One

Unidentified Employee #3: Good morning.

Unidentified Woman #3: He's sharing my ticket.

Employee #3: Does he have a ticket?

Woman #3: Well, he's sharing.

ANDY: (Voiceover) We take surveys now, and we find out where they're coming from. Are they coming to Boston specifically to take us? And now that we have all this information, then, you know, coming up with scientific ways or whatever to quantify the economic impact, because I figure that the economic impact at the Prudential Center had $20 million of economic impact by us being there. So if you look at the whole economic impact that we have in the way we structure our business has got to be twice or three times as much of all the incidental spending of all these people who are coming into Boston to take in this attraction. We're the number-one attraction in the state now.

"CAPTAIN COURAGEOUS": Hey, Thomas. Quack, quack. Great. Good smile here. Thank you.

HATTIE: You're perceived by the outsider as extraordinarily successful, which means you must be rolling in dough.

ANDY: Well, I'm not. I owe--before I start really participating in the equity of the business, you know--the way the deal was structured was that I had to say, `I'm gonna put everything at risk,' and that, you know, I'm deferring my position. In other words, my position is subordinated to the investors until they get a certain return. So basically, I've got to pay off another $4 million before I just get past subsistence living. It's not all about money. I mean, it started out about money, for me. I knew I could make this a successful business, but then once you get into it and you start affecting people's lives--300,000 people are here taking it and getting off and are loving it, and the employees enjoy working at the company. In my own way, I've helped change the world, I think.

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