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Key Idea: Control All of Your Processes.

Ping has control of its entire manufacturing process and each step is at a state-of-the-art level. Go to all the key ideas and videos of this episode.   Go the homepage for this episode.

Key Question:


To control all of the processes has proven to be a good strategy for Ping.

Q: When and why does a company outsource parts and pieces of its processes?

A: When the company cannot yet afford to invest in the necessary equipment or technology needed to do produce quality. Or when others come up with better and more cost effective ways to get things done.

Ping has grown slowly and carefully, so it has been able to design and build or purchase what it needs to manufacture a quality product. However, there are many situations when entrepreneurs have to depend upon others to help them produce a final product.

Think about it

Do you outsource any of your processes? Do you think you are getting the best price and the best quality from the relationship?

Clip from: Ping Golf with John Solheim, Karsten Manufacturing

Made in the USA:  Ping putters. Manufacturing is coming back.

How do I keep quality high? 

Phoenix, Arizona:  Innovators, by their very nature, are constantly going up against existing systems. The establishment. Sometimes their insights do not come by small increments, but by large leaps and then the renegades become outlaws!

If you are a golfer, you know Ping. It ranks at the top with Titleist, Spaulding, Calloway, Taylor-made-Adidas...  Yet , this business is still privately-held; and though the patriarch (and father) has died, his son, John, continues to build on all the lessons he learned as his engineering apprentice when they started this business.

Meet the Solheim family.  Like so many who redefine an entire industry, they were outlawed within it. They broke the rules. They created something totally new. Some people thought they were just crazy, until they began winning within their game. These renegades persevered. They negotiated, and today they are leaders within their industry and on their way to becoming a billion dollar business.

They began in a California garage in 1959. The sound of success here is "Ping"   and today John Solheim continues a tradition for excellence that began with with his father, Karsten.  Together they invented and began manufacturing  the Ping Golf Clubs.

Here you will see how a business constantly strives for a higher perfection.

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Ping Golf of Karsten Manufacturing

John Solheim, Chairman & CEO

2201 West Desert Cove
Phoenix, AZ 85029

Visit our web site:

Office: 6026875000

Business Classification:

Year Founded: 1959

Control All of Your Processes.

HATTIE: (Voiceover) To make sure all Ping clubs meet the company's critical tolerances, Ping has its own foundry, where stainless steel clubs are poured. Hot wax is injected into a mold. The finished wax patterns are attached to a wax rack called a tree. The tree is coated with ceramic sand and then fired. The wax inside melts, leaving a hollow mold. That's why it's called the lost wax process. Then it goes to the foundry.

Here, it is so hot, there are no impurities. We couldn't get close to the process, and huge air conditioners cooled the area where the workers pour 3,000-degree molten metal.

The molds, filled with hot stainless steel, are put outside to cool. A machine breaks away the ceramic mold, exposing the raw club heads. The heads are cut away, ground smooth and then put in a bowl of vibrating stones and water, which gives them an unusual luster. A powerful pneumatic hammer shoves the shaft into the head.

Technicians align the grip by hand. It takes both well-trained eyes and hands to position the grip perfectly. Each club has its own specifications. Those are checked and the clubs are tweaked, if necessary. They are color-coded and the customer's personal serial number is put on the entire set.

JOHN: And it's important that it's a set of clubs, not individual clubs.

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