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Key Idea: Set Goals And Measure Yourself Against Them

Ahmad's wife, Michelle Chebbani, has worked in the business since they opened the doors.  She says that Ahmad's secret to success is to always be striving for new and bigger goals. More...  

Key Question:


The progress Ahmad has made in his life is attributed to this old but not tired idea. We said that Ahmad inspires us. Where would he be if he had not set goals for himself? He would still be a busboy in Chicago. He had no one to teach, guide or mentor him and he had responsibility for his brother.

Q: Why is it so easy for the business owner not to set goals?

A: Because we have no one we have to report to! We can set goals for employees and hold them accountable but that is actually easier than setting goals for ourselves. Ahmad never lets up. He doesn't rest. He keeps on keeping on. That is why in just twenty years he has accomplished so much.

Think about it

Where would you like to be one year from now? Tip: Put Ahmad in your thoughts and use him as your goal-setting mentor.

Clip from: Omnex Accounting

Dearborn, Michigan: Meet Ahmad Chebbani. He introduces new Arab Americans to the real heart and soul of their new country.   He represents the United States of America to Arab leaders around the world and helps them to see the profound goodness of this country and to dispel the images they learn from Hollywood and Madison Avenue.

Ahmad Chebbani and his wife, Michelle, began their accounting business in 1987. Today, they are the busiest single tax preparation office in the USA.

Meet the people of Omnex Accounting. This team makes filing tax returns for 3,500+ individuals and 600+ businesses look easy.

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Set Goals And Measure Yourself Against Them

Ahmad: It is really dedication. It's knowing what I want and what I wanted to be basically. And work for it on a daily basis. I found it is achievable. And we work through this on a year to year plan. And we found out -- as we were achieving our plan on an annual basis, we move to set newer goals.

Michelle: Besides good character, honestly, loyalty, hard-working, faithful – all of those good things – I think he has the Midas touch. I think whatever he touches is success.

Ahmad: Success is basically -- affording the things that I want, providing to my family the proper education, having a comfortable home and doing things that I always wanted to do. But this is also materialistically speaking. The other success is -- knowing that people respect you. I think this is the key here. It is not only you making money, growing a business – that means nothing if people do not respect you. Knowing that people respect you – what you have done for them – that you have shared some common history. I think that is success enough.

HATTIE: For those of us who are in business for the long haul, we can learn from Ahmad Chebbani. He knows he only succeeds when everybody else does. To build his business he concentrates on helping his customers build theirs.

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