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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Key Idea: Be The Person Your Employees Look Up To

When we taped this story Michael Guido was the Mayor of Dearborn.  He was happy to meet us on the steps of City Hall as he and Ahmad are friends who work hard to make Dearborn a great place to live and work.  

Key Question:


If you don't like your employees or how they are doing things, look at yourself. Every business is a reflection of its leader. Period. The team you build will be like you because subconsciously you hire people like yourself. The way you get better as a team then is to work on yourself.

Q: Does this mean that an employee doesn't add much to the mix?

A: No. It's just that bad leadership has the power to undo good work done by good people and good leadership can mask poor performance in the trenches. Position power is so strong that you can't build a business without the right person at the top. This is why many business owners remove themselves when the company they are trying to grow stalls.

Think about it

Do you respect your employees as human beings? Are you the person who can grow your business? If your business is stuck, what can you do to work on yourself? Find a mentor or coach? Take a class? Go to therapy?

Clip from: Omnex Accounting

Dearborn, Michigan: Meet Ahmad Chebbani. He introduces new Arab Americans to the real heart and soul of their new country.   He represents the United States of America to Arab leaders around the world and helps them to see the profound goodness of this country and to dispel the images they learn from Hollywood and Madison Avenue.

Ahmad Chebbani and his wife, Michelle, began their accounting business in 1987. Today, they are the busiest single tax preparation office in the USA.

Meet the people of Omnex Accounting. This team makes filing tax returns for 3,500+ individuals and 600+ businesses look easy.

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Be The Person Your Employees Look Up To

Employee: Ahmad gives you the opportunity to all of his employees to learn from their mistakes and he gives opportunities especially to students who just graduate. Like he is open-minded. You can do mistakes, if you want to learn. And he treats all customers well.

Employee: When you know what you are doing – you just plug it in – here we go. Boom – boom -- boom.

HATTIE: Okay, so good systems -- good experience.

Employee: Good systems, good software – good boss here. Makes everybody happy.

HATTIE: He makes everybody happy? How does he do that?

Employee: Sure – he does that by socializing with us at Christmas time we go party, when you have a birthday coming up – cake -- sing for you. We feel like it is a family business. We don't feel like he is our boss – he is like our brother. He is so sweet.

HATTIE: You compete – offering –

Employee: Wages – benefits and wages – they have to have that. These people work for some reason. People work for financial rewards and we have to provide that to people. And also one other benefit is that --- not only do they receive the fair competitive compensation – they also have to receive a comfort zone in their life. The flexibility – the flex hours we provide -- the casual dress. Because professionalism is not only the way you dress – professional is also the knowledge you carry around. This is what it is.

HATTIE: The way you deliver those documents – take care of those clients.

Ahmad: That's right. Caring about people.

Employee: He can teach you anything. He can introduce you. He can build a good personality of you. He is a smart guy.

Ahmad: We are most successful because people out there respect the business – respect who they work with in the office. And we don't want to lose them to anybody else. This is the key here is – working in a small business versus a corporate environment. People tend to see it as a more value in a small business than in a corporate environment because you count for something. You are heard, your actions are measured with certain results. And you are valued at that and you are commended for that. And this is what really counts in life basically. People pat you on the back and say, “look – you have done this and we have grown so much because of your idea.” And that is important for people.

Employee: Ahmad is a very respectful person. Ahmad has a vision -- he plans. That is what I respect about him, he plans things. When it comes to characters, he is a very good judge of characters.

Employee: He teaches you how to look for the small details to find the gaps to make sure that your work is right – no mistakes. You have to be careful for the numbers. That is why we have the highest reputation in the area.

Employee: Whenever it comes to perfection, they can call Omnex.

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