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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Key Idea: Work On Your Entire Ecosystem

Ahmad Chebbani owns property on Warren Avenue and he has organized all of his neighbors and the Arab-American Chamber of Commerce to improve the street with lighting, fresh pavement and plantings.  More...  

Key Question:


All of us need an environment in which to exist. When you step back and see how you will grow your business, it probably has much to do with your local economy, the school systems, the tax structure, the traffic patterns and dozens of details you as a business owner could influence.

Q: How is Ahmad working on the big picture of his business?

A: First of all he is an organizer. Working with a few close friends, he lead the effort to form the Arab-American Chamber of Commerce. He knows the elected officials and lobbies them on behalf of the neighborhood causes. They are listened to at City Hall and there are new plans for paint to spruce up buildings, parking to accommodate customers and plantings to make Warren Street look more attractive.

Second, he is a visionary. His goal is for Warren Street to become a destination. When he arrived on Warren Street it was run down and did not have a good reputation. Rather than assume it would stay unattractive, he set a goal to change it for the better. We know that Ahmad and Michelle are building a new home in the neighborhood even though many Arab-Americans move to the traditionally affluent parts of Detroit when they become wealthy. Ahmad has a long-range goal to impact the ecosystem of Omnex.

Think about it

What is the ecosystem in which you operate? What impact do you have on it now? What action can you take to improve it?

Clip from: Omnex Accounting

Dearborn, Michigan: Meet Ahmad Chebbani. He introduces new Arab Americans to the real heart and soul of their new country.   He represents the United States of America to Arab leaders around the world and helps them to see the profound goodness of this country and to dispel the images they learn from Hollywood and Madison Avenue.

Ahmad Chebbani and his wife, Michelle, began their accounting business in 1987. Today, they are the busiest single tax preparation office in the USA.

Meet the people of Omnex Accounting. This team makes filing tax returns for 3,500+ individuals and 600+ businesses look easy.

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Work On Your Entire Ecosystem

HATTIE: As he worked to grow his own business, Ahmad has worked to improve the entire neighborhood.

AHMAD: (voiceover) Here we have the entry access to the area.

AHMAD: My initial idea was to set up a Warren Avenue Business Association because I wanted to improve this area. This is the Warren Avenue. This stretch for the last 15 years has improved quite a bit, as Arab Americans have settled in Dearborn as their adopted community. Nice small restaurants popping up, grocery stores, and obviously a lot of professional offices around. It's good it has grown economically. We want to make Arab Town, the destination for people to come and taste the food and so on.

HATTIE: At Omar's Pharaoh's Café, Ahmad meets clients who are also friends and fellow Chamber members. They relax with the traditional Persian tobacco pipes and strong hot tea.

AHMAD: Omar is one of the business owners here who we're very happy to have on this street. He is a Chamber member and he brought in an idea which is very exciting. People can come in here to the café to smoke the arhili, so you might often see people here past midnight, on the street, you know smoking and chatting. It actually gives livelihood to the area.

AHMAD: The three of them are advising me on where to buy furnaces from.

SMOKER: That's where I bought mine from, so I was telling him --

AHMAD: Since he's building a house, and I'm furnishing a house. And they understand where to go. So I bet I get 3-4 advices while I am sitting here.

HATTIE: Just a few blocks away, Ahmad works hard advocating for the Arab American Chamber of Commerce. I met Michael Guido, the Mayor of Dearborn, on the steps of City Hall.

HATTIE: Mr. Mayor, I have a question for you.

MAYOR: Yes ma'am.

HATTIE: I'm Hattie Bryant. I don't live here. I know nothing about Dearborn, except what I'm trying to learn.

MAYOR: Okay.

HATTIE: Why is the Arab American community and the Arab American Chamber important to the city of Dearborn?

MAYOR: Well, it's another leg in a stool of commerce that we have here in the city. I mean, most people know Dearborn as the home of the Ford Motor Company. But in reality, we have a multitude of small businesses. And along Warren Avenue, the Arab community has taken that and helped transform it into one of the most vibrant shopping districts in southeastern Michigan.

HATTIE: You're a visionary --


HATTIE: At the Arab American Chamber of Commerce, Ahmad explains the group's involvement in local, national and international affairs.

AHMAD: We work closely with all local government leaders. And basically, we have a lot of members in Detroit. And our relation is important, so we can facilitate the way business is done in Detroit. We work a lot with Washington, particularly in the White House, because we have also concerns of foreign policies for the administration, that have a direct impact on economic relations.

...if you don't have peace, you don't have economic prosperity.

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