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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Key Idea: Seize Opportunity

Chaker Aoun owns a beverage distribution company and he is one of Ahmad's clients.  The two men started their businesses from scratch and today Chaker has over 3,000 accounts his team calls on every week.

Key Question:


Keep your job and grow your business in your off hours.

In his $5 an hour job Ahmad saw the struggle his fellow immigrants were having learning how to play by the rules in a new country. He spent many volunteer hours before he was able to find enough clients who could afford to pay for his services. After putting in 40 hours a week at his job, Ahmad would help people with their tax returns and other paperwork associated with immigration and American citizenship. He recruited other accountants to help him on weekends.

What made him think these new Americans would ever be able to pay for his services?

Ahmad was convinced that immigrants come willing to work hard to make a life for their families. He understood the loyalty he could engender and he was happy with his life as he worked toward his own goals. Some of his clients could barely speak English while some were born in the US, however, the bond shared by Ahmad and his customers is their heritage. In 1987 the Arab-American community in Dearborn didn't have many wealthy folks so he decided that all Arab-speaking Amercians needed help and that they could pay something eventually.This instinct paid off for Ahmad. More and more of his clients are growing substantial companies and they are loyal to the person who did their tax return for free when they were unable to pay.

Think about it

What do you think? What could you accomplish if you gave yourself 20 years to achieve your goal? Why do you think Americans are so impatient?

Clip from: Omnex Accounting

Dearborn, Michigan: Meet Ahmad Chebbani. He introduces new Arab Americans to the real heart and soul of their new country.   He represents the United States of America to Arab leaders around the world and helps them to see the profound goodness of this country and to dispel the images they learn from Hollywood and Madison Avenue.

Ahmad Chebbani and his wife, Michelle, began their accounting business in 1987. Today, they are the busiest single tax preparation office in the USA.

Meet the people of Omnex Accounting. This team makes filing tax returns for 3,500+ individuals and 600+ businesses look easy.

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Omnex Accounting & Tax Services

Ahmad Chebbani, Founder, Chairman / CEO

12740 W. Warren Ave.
Suite 200
Dearborn, MI 48126

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Business Classification:
Accounting, Information Services,

Year Founded: 1987

Seize Opportunity

MICHELLE: In the beginning, it was very slow, and we were growing, but now we're quite large, and it's very time-consuming. I mean there's a lot of things that we do. We do Accounts Payable/Receivable, handling employee issues; we have some commercial properties that I handle, so we a lot of things – not to mention family, of course.

HATTIE: Right, and oh, by the way, three little girls in between.


AHMAD: Well, I did maintain my job in the morning, while she stayed in the office. But we did something unique is that we opened the office at different hours, from 11-to-8 in the evening. We found professionals don't have time to come in during the day to do their business.

HATTIE: Like someone running their medical practice --

AHMAD: Exactly. Wouldn't have time.

HATTIE: Is taking care of their patients 8 to 5. So they could come to you at 7 at night.

AHMAD: Anytime you want us. Even Sunday. For the first three years how we did that and we created a loyal based clients. And um, people thought it was weird to have very late hours. To me, I'm a late, I mean I'm an evening person and I enjoy that a lot, basically. And people love this accommodation. And it took us three years basically before I was able to move in full-time into the job.

HATTIE: Thank you so much!

CLIENT: You're welcome.

HATTIE: Ahmad is proud of his clients and would have loved to have introduced us to all 600 of them.

FAYSAL RAHHAL : (speaking Arabic with Ahmad)

AHMAD: That's to say he likes to come here every day.

FAYSAL: (Ahmad) Is my friend. He'll help me anytime. Nobody helped me. My friend helps me.

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