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Last Update: Tuesday July 27, 2021

Key Idea: Create a Worry-Free Workplace

Mike Mullen was an INDUS first hire and today he is VP of Strategic Development.  He says that establishing a worry-free environment for employees optimizes their ability to deploy successfully.

Key Question:


Satisfied or happy workers are productive workers. As business owners, we need to make sure our employees are satisfied as part of taking care of our customers. If the employees are dissatisfied, our customers will not be treated well. How do we keep our employees level of satisfaction high? We only need to do three things:

  1. Follow the golden rule, treat all employees with respect.
  2. Provide them with the necessary resources, capital, financial and human, to meet our expectations and do their jobs well.
  3. Compensate them fairly.

If we do these three things, our employees have nothing to worry about. We have established a work environment that optimizes their chances for success and positions us to hold them accountable to the highest standard.

Think about it

Would your employees say they work in a worry-free environment?

Clip from: INDUS - Diversity & Mentoring

From Just a Job to Being an Owner

Washington, DC: In 1979 Shiv Krishnan arrived here from Madras, India to go to college. He got a job and was doing well.  But in 1991 he risked everything to start his own business.  INDUS would be a technology innovator.  He did well. Today this company has 500+ employees and major clients including the US government.  They do Geographic Information Systems (GIS), database management, data warehousing and  mining, and more.

This story is about an immigrant to America. Like so many, he came with nothing, got a job to save money to start a business. When he put it all at risk,  he knew his safety net was to go get another job.  It wasn't easy... but that's the USA. This country is a beacon and inspiration to the entrepreneurial spirit within all of humanity.  When freedom rings,  new songs are written!

Shiv is a person who is open to learning from everyone. He empowers that  attitude among his employees, his suppliers, and his customers. He mentors people and he is always open to being mentored.  INDUS is part of SAIC's Mentor-Protégé program which has helped this business to grow. 

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INDUS Corporation

Shiv Krishnan, Founder

1951 Kidwell Drive, Eighth Floor
Vienna, VA 22182

Visit our web site:

Office: 7035066700

Business Classification:
Information Services

Year Founded: 1991

Create a Worry-Free Workplace

SHIV: This is a people business that we are in. So Bob is a key guy at INDUS. Al has been a mentor and a friend. Jeff Rosolio is our Vice President of Human Resources. The moment that you have the first employee the challenges start. We are hopefully well positioned on the contract and if and when we win the contract that'll be the next milestone for INDUS. We are in the business of deploying the intellectual capital of our people to help our customers. So one of the basic tenants of INDUS is total employee satisfaction.

Unidentified Employee #3: He wants everybody to do a good job, he doesn't want to just win the contract to get the revenue. I mean this company -- everybody here pretty much cares about their job, cares about doing a good job, cares about making the customer happy and we don't over obligate ourselves.

MIKE: Because with us if you don't satisfy the customer, we don't have customers. If you don't keep the employees happy, you can't satisfy your customer. So really the company is at the bottom of the pyramid when it comes to who you have to make sure you take care of.

SHIV: They should not be worried about where my benefits are going to come from, are my benefits being cut back? Am I going to have a good working environment where I can continue to prosper? I'm going to say erase those routine day to day concerns from their minds. I'm not going to be able to create an environment where they feel that they can use their fullest potential to provide the support that our customers need.

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