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Key Idea: Treat All People With Great Respect

Employees at All Brand feel valued and appreciated.

Key Question:


Treat people with respect.

When Rick was given the opportunity to be involved with his father's business, he said "No thank you," because Rick did not approve of the attitude his father's partner had toward people. Rick did not want to be in business with a person who had little regard for employees and customers. Rick and his brother Jeff are betting and building their future on the virtue of respect.

Q: Why do people work at a particular place?

A: First and foremost, people work where they are treated with personal respect. Take that one step further and discover that people want to be able to tell others, with pride, about where they work and what they do in their work. Work is extremely important to every human being. One mentor told us the most important thing about work is that it structures our time. How simple that sounds but when you think about it, people with nothing to do are bored and depressed. People who feel as if they are doing something important are energized and focused.

All Brand instills pride in many ways. First, they are the best in their niche. Second, they do what they say they're going to do so employees feel safe. Third, they treat employees like family. Fourth, Rick and Jeff like to give everyone a job then leave them alone to do it!

These management techniques have created many long-term loyal employees. They are valuable because this guarantees continuity and institutional memory which is powerful. An employee who has been with you for years knows about so many interactions that they are able to predict how to handle the future; they can save time and heartache by doing the right thing intuitively. And, when good employees come and stay, you don't have the cost of turnover, which hurts financially, in terms of public relations, the cost of hiring and the cost of training.

Remember the customer, Joe? Do you remember how long has Joe been purchasing parts from All Brand? 18 years! That is what happens when you have the right products, the right price, and a relationship based upon respect. This means All Brand gets Joe what he wants, when he wants it, and in the way he wants it. All Brand has low turnover in key positions so the people helping Joe are knowledgeable. Joe is confident that he can depend upon All Brand.

Think about it

What can you do to instill more pride? What can you do to show more respect for employees and customers?

Clip from: All Brand Appliances

Mount Ephraim, New Jersey: In this episode of the show we go to Main Street America (just outside Philadelphia) to look at a classic family business, one that exists in most communities in America but seems to be threatened by new distribution systems and mega-stores like Lowe's and Home Depot. Talk about pressure... Yet, these small businesses may actually thrive in our fast-paced, ever-changing business culture. Best practices is what they do.

If a washing machine breaks, the parts needed to fix it are on the shelf of their store. Owned and run by brothers, Rick and Jeff Presant, the pros, the handyman, and the weekend warriors (honey-do's), are all welcomed to buy appliance parts at All Brand Appliance. With 12 employees and hundreds of ever-faithful customers, these two are building a business on kindness. That's right, kindness.

To prepare to buy All Brand from their father, Rick had his own supply company in another territory and Jeff worked for others.

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All Brand Appliance (RP)

Rick Presant, Co-owner

170 North Black Horse Pike
Mt. Ephraim, NJ 08059

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Office: 800-736-5870

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Year Founded: 1984

Treat All People With Great Respect

In the Studio

HATTIE: What can you live with over the long haul? The success of this business today is based on Rick's willingness to stop and make some changes that would enable Rick and Jeff to go forward. Rick was not willing to partner with someone who did not share his same outlook on people. You may need partners, you think, because they have information or even money to help move your business forward, but you'll only create problems for yourself if you don't find a partner who shares your same values. Rick and Jeff's people philosophy is based on the word, `respect.' Every human being who walks into All Brand supply is treated with respect. That means strangers or long-term customers.

JOE (Customer): I'm here every day, just about. I spend a lot of money.

HATTIE: So is Ruth the person who usually helps you?

JOE: Ruth or Jeff or Mike. Sometimes Rick is down on the counter.


(Voiceover) No wonder Joe has been coming into All Brand for 18 years.

JOE: They probably stock, you know, all the fast-moving stuff and a lot of the things that--you know, some of the stuff I'm sure on their shelves hasn't moved in a year or so, but they have quite an inventory.

HATTIE: And if they don't have it, they'll get it for you?

JOE: Usually, yes, they can, if it's available.

HATTIE: (n the Studio) Learn from Rick and Jeff Presant: When you treat people with respect, you'll build long-term relationships, and that's how you build a long-term business.

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