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Key Idea: Be The Best

Monica's customers come to her because they believe she is the best that they can hire.

Key Question:


Focus your efforts so that you can be the best in your niche.

Many people in Detroit, Dallas, and DC have told us, "Monica is the best."

Q: Why is Monica so good?

A: Monica says she is driven and is always looking for ways to improve. With this philosophy, most of us could make a living doing anything we choose. Elbow grease and tenacity will work over time. However, if one has talent and then applies hard work, that's when magic happens.

Monica said she started taking pictures to go with articles she submitted to a local paper. She did this for fun whille she held down a full-time job. The paper would not pay for the articles but they would pay for the pictures.

Was the paper telling her that her photos were her strength or they were saying, "we have plenty of writers but not enough photographers." We don't know but Monica made a strategic decision to listen to the marketplace. She decided that her pictures were her strength and that she would work to strengthen her strong suit. She decided to stop writing and concentrate on taking pictures. What a gift the paper gave to Monica and how smart of Monica to pay attention.

You can't be a jack of all trades and be considered "the best" at something.

Think about it

What do you need to improve?  Do your customers say you are the best at what you do?  What do you need to work on so that you can become the best in your niche?

Clip from: Monica Morgan Photography

Detroit:  Meet Monica Morgan.   She took a calculated risk and it paid off. And, then she got serious about running a business.

In this episode of the show you can learn many lessons about sole proprietorships, risk-taking, sharing, mentoring, being mentored, and chutzpah (even temerity).  Today, Monica runs a full-service photography studio and is at the top of her game. She is a photojournalist who contributes to Newsweek, Jet, the Detroiter and the Associated Press. Rosa Parks first commissioned Monica to do the cover for her bestseller, Quiet Strength, then she became Rosa's photographer.

We all ask, "How can I get to the top of my profession?" Monica has done it.  Mix one part courage (heart, the muscle) with two parts intelligence (brains, that deep knowledge of your profession) and three parts tenacity (personal will), and then, constantly reinvent the formula. Magic begins to happen.

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Monica Morgan Photography

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Be The Best

MONICA: Mike, I want you to take yourself away from here if you possibly can. Remember that a smile starts here, not here. Don't start here and then, you know--if you think about something that makes you happy, it'll show, and then the rest will fall into place, OK? All right.

HATTIE: What do small business people have to do to attract the attention of big business?

MICHAEL JONES (Executive, Anheuser-Busch Company): Well, I think first be very good at what you do, be dependable and proficient and get the job done. I think that as large companies look to contain their costs. Also, look to be flexible in the way they meet objectives. It's easier to work sometimes with small businesses. And most large companies – I know Anheuser-Busch is committed to diversity in the economic marketplace – we have a corporate policy of trying to encourage as much activity as we can with smaller businesses. A lot of our suppliers throughout our breweries are small businesses.

HATTIE: What advice would you give someone who would like to do business with a big company?

MICHAEL: I think what you almost have to do is like anything else in life, you have to work real hard and then be lucky. But the bottom line, I think, as you try to take care of the business that's in front of you and you do a good job of that, then referral or word of mouth is the best advertisement. So, eventually you come to the notice of people in larger companies who have a need that they need to have met.

So I don't think you can say, `Well, look, I'd like to have General Motors or Anheuser-Busch as a client.' I think what you do is what Monica Morgan has done and that is, `I'm gonna be the best photographer in the Detroit area.' And to the extent that I'm that, then an Anheuser-Busch or a Detroit Edison or anybody else in this area will seek you out.

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