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Last Update: Tuesday July 27, 2021

Key Idea: Establish An Email Strategy

Founder of Cowgirl Enterprises, Donna Baase, says she uses mail to drive web traffic.     More...

Key Question:


Donna uses mail and email in combination.  She started doing this years ago and we see others, especially big business, using this strategy.

To drive web traffic, Cowgirl mailed real postcards to its hard-copy list and invited those customers to visit the web. It also bought an email list from an email broker and started applying its regular contact strategy to email. This means everyone on their list is regularly informed of new products and discounts.

Postcards are the perfect tool to bring people to your web site.  They can be colorful, compelling and cheap comparing mailing all of the information which you can post for almost free on your web site.  We love Modern Postcard as a supplier when we do our mailings.

Think about it

How often do you contact your customers and prospects by email? Do you know the results of an email when you send one out? Do you calculate the return on investment for every postcard mailing and every email blast?

Clip from: Internet Basics: Space and time become derivative.

  The web makes every city and town everybody's  city and town.

World Wide Web: There are four basic reasons to build your business on the web. Whether you are just starting or you are growing, the web will be the  backbone of business in more ways than most anyone imagined. It truly is a new metaphor. This is a paradigm shift. It is actually changing the way we think.

In this episode of the show we learn how you can do what big business does. The world is our market.  So, make your business an e-business, and then merge out into the world's quickly-evolving e-culture.  The time is now. 

Cowgirl Skincare

Donna Baase, Founder

833 W. South Boulder Road
Building A Tel: 303-440-7549
Louisville, CO 80027

Visit our web site:

Toll Free: 888-440-7549

Business Classification:
Personal Products

Year Founded: 1987

Establish An Email Strategy

HATTIE: The third reason to use the Internet to build your business is to land new customers. I mean, close the sale; get the cash and do it strictly on the Web, as does American Airlines, PC Flowers and Gifts and every other big brand.

(Voiceover) Cowgirl Enterprises sells skin care and was slow to the Web. Their web site went up in January '99 (By comparison, see Bill Tobin earlier in this eisode - his site went up in 1994) and the company now realizes over 20 percent of its sales from the Web.

Just as in traditional selling, to get people to buy from you on the Web, they must like you, trust you, believe you and understand you.

Study It is simple and a perfect representation of the products and the people who make them.

(Voiceover) You see crisp art and clear descriptions; background on the founder, with her picture. You find beauty tips that are real and meaningful. Black words on a white background work best.

DONNA BAASE: Now what we want to do, which is a huge cut, so that we can get this out--we want to bring this...

HATTIE: (Voiceover) Donna uses direct mail to drive people to her site. And she said to tell you also she is totally connected at home as well as at the office. In addition to selling on the web, she is also pushing towards doing more of her business functions on the web. She found a list service online called She bought 1,000 mailing addresses for 17 cents a name and downloaded the list from the web to labels in her office in Boulder.

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