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Last Update: Tuesday July 27, 2021

Key Idea: Give Visitors A Reason To Email You

From his first web site, Greg Steckler offered web visitors a free booklet.     More...

Key Question:


Convince strangers to tell you who they are when they visit your web site.

Q:  Where was most of Greg's business coming from soon after he put his first website up and why?

A: Greg followed all of the rules we have already talked about and he offered a free item if people would request it by email. This gave him a way to contact, interview and eventually sell many web visitors that other may never reach.
What do you think? What could you offer to get more web visitors to provide you with their email contact information?

Q:  With whom did Gregg form his first strategic alliance?

A: The site called Log Homes On The Internet. The reason he went to them first is that the traffic report provided by his site hosting service told him that most of his traffic was already coming from this site. Therefore, "You dance with the one who brings you."

This follows the principle that you focus on your strengths and when you have time work on weak spots. Some might think that they shouldn't worry about an alliance with those who are already helping you because you're getting business from them already. Greg was right though to develop a formal relationship with the sites that were sending him business. This helps to create even more enthusiasm and more traffic.

Think about it

How can you get more information about your web visitors?  What can of incentive can you give web visitors if they tell you who they are?  Can you increase your traffic by forming some key web alliances?

Clip from: Internet Basics: Space and time become derivative.

  The web makes every city and town everybody's  city and town.

World Wide Web: There are four basic reasons to build your business on the web. Whether you are just starting or you are growing, the web will be the  backbone of business in more ways than most anyone imagined. It truly is a new metaphor. This is a paradigm shift. It is actually changing the way we think.

In this episode of the show we learn how you can do what big business does. The world is our market.  So, make your business an e-business, and then merge out into the world's quickly-evolving e-culture.  The time is now. 

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Give Visitors A Reason To Email You

(Voiceover) The second reason to use the Internet to build your business is to unearth leads. Give people a reason to e-mail you. Greg Steckler offers free information.

(Voiceover) You see on his site the word free is flashing. `Free' works; so do phrases like `money back guarantee.' Find people you never dreamed would be interested in buying from you. Greg draws custom plans for log homes.

GREG STECKLER: Good morning. Good morning.

HATTIE: Well, you must be Greg.

GREG: I am.

HATTIE: I thought I was never going to get here.

(Voiceover) Greg works from his home office in the middle of Federal Reserve land off the highway between Bend and Sisters, Oregon.

GREG: Welcome to Dusty Acres.

HATTIE: Oh, that's what you call it?

KEVIN TAYLOR: I help out with the design of the house.

HATTIE: (Voiceover) This is a two-person global company because of the Internet, Greg's site went up in February of 1996. He used a local ISP, but, in six months to nine months, switched because it focused too much on kids and chat. He needed a more businesslike ISP. Today, he pays $600 a year for hosting unlimited e-mail and an FTP account. FTP stands for `file transfer protocol.' You must have FTP to make changes to your Web site yourself.

(Voiceover) How many of you get ideas in the middle of the night? This is why you need FTP. You want to change prices or offers, so you can't be dealing with an ISP that charges you for changes.

GREG put up his site by reading a few books and using software called HotDog to edit his page. In his first year on the Web, his site outproduced his Yellow Page ad.

GREG: And I've told the Yellow Pages people that, too. And I hope that they're getting the message that times are changing fast.

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