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Last Update: Wednesday June 23, 2021

Key Idea: Believe in Yourself

To start, run and grow a business, Linda Benjamin, says you need confidence.

Key Question:


Set a small goal then when that is accomplished, set another small goal.  Keep setting and achieving goals and your confidence will increase with each success.

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Think about it

What would you like to be doing that you're not now doing?  What do you have to learn to achieve that goal?

Clip from: Garvin, Davis, Benjamin

Los Angeles:  In this episode of the show we take you behind the scenes of the entertainment business into the back rooms.  Where there are deals to be made and contracts to sign, you will usually find an attorney. Though all members of the American Bar Association, you will learn what takes to be an attorney within the 21st century entertainment industry.

This legal practice is global because entertainment is global; and as a result, they use technology aggressively.

Thomas Garvin is the Senior (meaning the oldest) of the three partners. Thomas Garvin, Allen Davis and Linda Benjamin, all specialists in entertainment law;  they are global, connected, and current. The actors, composers, musicians, producers and agents who flow through the halls are confident of their work although in this office you find no law library. It is in cyberspace -- it's global, current, easier to access, and cheaper to store.

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Garvin, Davis & Benjamin (LB)

Linda Benjamin, Founder

9200 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90069
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Office: 310 278 7300

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Year Founded: 1997

Believe in Yourself

HATTIE: Something happened to you recently. You're doing some work for somebody that you've seen on the screen all of your life.

LINDA: Childhood idol, no question. When I got the phone call from this person's business manager saying that she would really like it if you would handle this matter for her, I did my best to keep my cool. I said, `Of course. Thank you very much. I'll look forward to seeing the documents,' click. And then went skipping down the hall singing the song that this person had sung.

HATTIE: Advice to a 25-year-old woman who wants to have the kind of life that you have.

LINDA: Believe in yourself. There's nobody stopping you from doing anything.

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