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Last Update: Monday February 26, 2018

Key Idea: Build On Networking

Linda Benjamin says that when you meet new people work at remembering whom you met and some details about the person.

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Think about it

How do you find new customers?  Do you go to events where you can meet potential customers? 

Clip from: Garvin, Davis, Benjamin

Los Angeles:  In this episode of the show we take you behind the scenes of the entertainment business into the back rooms.  Where there are deals to be made and contracts to sign, you will usually find an attorney. Though all members of the American Bar Association, you will learn what takes to be an attorney within the 21st century entertainment industry.

This legal practice is global because entertainment is global; and as a result, they use technology aggressively.

Thomas Garvin is the Senior (meaning the oldest) of the three partners. Thomas Garvin, Allen Davis and Linda Benjamin, all specialists in entertainment law;  they are global, connected, and current. The actors, composers, musicians, producers and agents who flow through the halls are confident of their work although in this office you find no law library. It is in cyberspace -- it's global, current, easier to access, and cheaper to store.

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Garvin, Davis & Benjamin (LB)

Linda Benjamin, Founder

9200 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90069
310 278 7300

Office: 310 278 7300

Business Classification:

Year Founded: 1997

Build On Networking

HATTIE: So when did you find Allen and how did you get over the fear of starting off on your own?

LINDA: Fear's not something that is part of my vocabulary.

I'm just--I've never been afraid of anything. I've never known that I can't do anything. So maybe that's blind, at some points, but I just do things. So I saw Allen at a seminar. He had been at the big firm that I'd started at ages ago. I saw him in there. He looked so happy and relaxed, and he was wearing jeans. And I said to Allen, `What are you doing?' He goes, `I'm starting my own firm.' I said, `OK, great. Good for you.' And six months later I called him up and I said, `Hey, how's it going? 'Cause I think I'd like to come join you.'

HATTIE: When you started off on your own, where did the business come from? Did you bring it with you? Did you go out and beat the, you know, doors down for business, or what?

LINDA: I did take some clients with me, because I'd been working in litigation, primarily. Some of those litigation clients had wanted me to be their transactional lawyer as well, but I couldn't there. I couldn't at that firm, because an entertainment litigation firm primarily gets their business from the entertainment transactional lawyers.

So as I started to get more and more requests for that, it became more and more appealing. Ultimately, one of the clients that I'd been doing litigation for was going on a world tour and he said, `I really need a personal lawyer. I need somebody just to be with me all the time and take care of a lot of different things. Why don't you be that person?' And I couldn't resist the idea of traveling around the world with a rock band.

HATTIE: Hey! Did they give you something to play in the background?

LINDA: Oh, it was fantastic! Jonny Anderson, who's the lead singer of the group Yes, did a big concert at the Greek Theatre here in Los Angeles. It's a 6,000-seat venue. And he let me come on stage and sing backup for him. It was so much fun.

HATTIE: How, then, does one build off of that? You come back from the world tour, you go, `OK. Well, now what do I do next?'

LINDA: I started calling everybody I knew telling them what I was doing. I mean, I was out at social events, at professional events, I went to every seminar, I called every senior attorney that I knew that was doing what I had wanted to do. I said, `This is what I'm doing, I'd really love some business.' And it came.

HATTIE: So, networking.

LINDA: Keep in touch with everybody. You never know where help is going to come from, ever.

HATTIE: Do you write notes, do you call, do you e-mail? How do you keep...

LINDA: My Rolodex cards are ridiculous. They have everybody's kids names, where I saw them last, what they were doing. I keep notes on everything.

HATTIE: The social events. Do you choose those in a calculating way?

LINDA: No, I just go. I just go to everything.

HATTIE: How do you get invited?

LINDA: I just do. But if I don't and I hear about something I want to do, I just go. I just show up. I'm a very social person to begin with, so that's not difficult. That's what my life would normally be like, so I try to stay out. I try to meet as many people as I can. I try to keep in touch with everybody as best I can.

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