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Last Update: Thursday September 23, 2021

Key Idea: Ask Family to Work for Free

The name, Flap Happy, is part of the company's success. Laurie was fortunate that her father, Marty, had spent over 30 years in the advertising business. The name came to them out of brainstorming session and Marty was vital to the discussion. More...

Key Question:


Name your company thoughtfully.

Q:  What makes a good name?

  Easy to remember, forms a picture in the mind, different, special, positive, friendly, inviting, appeals to the potential customer base--Moms in this case -- and in some way it describes the product.

Laurie's son, Cody, is the face of the company logo which was designed by Laurie's Dad. Add the name, Flap Happy, to the drawing and it works and works well. The logo and clothing tags are in black and white because at first this saved money in printing. Now there are sticking to the black and white because the products are so full of color, the tag does not appear intrusive.

Think about it

Does the name of your business work on many levels?  Is it easy for customers to remember?  Does it give people the feeling that they want to do business with you?

Clip from: Flap Happy started by manufacturing hats!

Hattie encourages us all,  "Set Profit-Margin Goals."

Santa Monica: In this episode of the television show we take you inside a California business that is making children's hats for Talbots, Nordstrom, Children's Wear Digest and dozens of others. Now they make hundreds of items for retailers (mostly small children's specialty retailers) all around the world.

Laurie Snyder started Flap Happy because she was afraid her very fair-skinned, freckled-faced baby boy would get seriously burned by the California sun. Laurie created a hat by enlarging the brim of a traditional baseball cap and by adding flaps. Other mothers saw the hat and wanted one for their own child.  That was the beginning of this special business.

Meet Laurie Snyder. Meet her Mom, her Dad, her husband, her sister, her "model" child and her other children, too. This is the team that sacrificed to build the business.

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Flap Happy, Inc.

Laurie Snyder, Founder / CEO

2330 Michigan Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Visit our web site:

Office: 310-453-3527

Business Classification:

Year Founded: 1987

Ask Family to Work for Free

MARTY (Laurie's Father): And I think the most important thing is that you have a memorable name, something that's not like anything else you've heard before.

LAURIE: We thought about a name for about four to six months before we came up with a real name, and it was one evening when my father's house was being tented, you know, for pesticides or something, and they spent the night at our house, and we sat all night hashing out names, It's been a big part of our growth, 'cause it's descriptive of our product, it's fun, it's happy, it's childlike.

MARTY: It made you feel good when you thought about it, and when you said it. It still sticks in that area. It's great.

And -- and, actually -- I don't even remember who came up with the name. I know that we were--like we always do -- the family gets around together and we start talking about a problem and out of it emerges different solutions.

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