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Last Update: Monday June 21, 2021

Key Idea: Find A Group Of Angels

Hans Severins, a member of the Band of Angels in Silicon Valley, is drawn to ideas based on solid marketing, planning and management.

Key Question:


If you go to Silicon Valley's Band of Angels you better have a technology idea and you better be able to present evidence that there is a market ready, willing and able to buy.

There are angels in every major city in America and there are even angels in small towns.  Put a business plan in writing.  Next ask CPAs, bankers, attorneys and any wealthy person you might meet if they know of a potential angel for you.

Think about it

Who do you know who might know someone who can help you find an angel?

Clip from: Money: All about Financing Your Business

Silicon Valley, New York City, Sydney and the World:   When you are just  starting, it is usually about your money, called MOM, an acronym for My Own Money. It is also called "skin in the game."  Very few of us have a track record and can write a business plan that is so compelling that we begin with Other People's Money (OPM).

If you are growing, there is an abundance of stagnant capital that may be looking just for you.  Qualified investors (and people who believe in you) are looking for ways to grow their money either as a loan or as an investment for equity. It will require an excellent business concept, a well-detailed business plan (your story), and real financial projections. They will also require that you understand your financials, even if they are quite modest. Those numbers are the organics of a business, the basic 1-2-3s.

Business is just a series of problem-solving exercises. That's its nature.  If you do not have the stomach for it, get a job. If you think money is going to be given to you just because you have a good idea, keep your job!

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Find A Group Of Angels

HATTIE: Fred Hoar and Hans Severins are in Silicon's Valley famous Band of Angels. They believe that the OPM angel supply is oxygen to entrepreneurship.

FRED HOAR: What's an angel? An angel is a person who will invest with his own money, makes his own decisions.

HATTIE: Why didn't you just do the conservative thing, buy IBM, General Motors?

FRED: But that isn't any fun Hattie.

HATTIE: It's boring.

FRED: It's boring.

HANS SEVERINS: People can come to us who might not be getting hearing or fair evaluation in their eyes from the venture community.

HATTIE: All right, so tell me how to prepare to come to you. Do I need a cool name like, Pretty Good Privacy. I mean that's a company you just invested in recently. Pretty Good Privacy.

HANS: Either you need a cool idea -- it would be nice if you have a discernibly cool management. It would be great if you had a measurably cool business plan with a reasonable prospect of becoming a leader in a growth market.

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