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Key Idea: Integrity selling is not an oxymoron.

Ron Willingham is the author of a dozen books and hundreds of courses.  Among his books  are: Integrity Selling for the 21st Century, The Inner Game of Selling, Integrity Service, The People Principle, Hey, I'm The Customer, and The Ten Laws of Wealth & Abundance (new window).

Key Question:


You have integrity, and the deeper the integrity the more excited you will remain about life.  Artists typically work until they die.  Why?  They do not "go to work."  They live their work.  Is there any way for you to infuse integrity deeply within every facet of your work?

Q.  Do you understand needs-focused selling?

So much sales activity focuses on the product and its strengths.  It is better and cheaper than all the rest.  Perhaps the accent is on the wrong syllable. 

Go to the video about needs-focus selling.

Go to the video about a customer-focused mission.

Think about it

What do you do when you feel burn-out coming on?  How do you keep from getting worn out,  exhausted and just plain sick and tired of going to work?

Clip from: Ron Willingham and the Ways to Wealth

Phoenix:  As the author of twelve books, Ron Willingham would be  considered a thoughtful person.  That he has had over 27,000 people go through his train-the-trainer courses would make him an influential person.  That all those trainers have had over 1.5 million people throughout the world actually work through Ron's courses puts him up with the ranks of Dale Carniege.

It wasn't enough for Ron. 

He decided to retire to think about his final chapters.  He sold the business he nurtured from an idea to a titan, a new industry-defining business with a purpose to redefine old business thinking. 

He had four strategic courses and eleven books but it was not enough.  Something was burning inside of him.  Throughout his life he was an avid reader of any book, pamphlet, or flier that was written by the founding fathers.  He was particularly struck by Benjamin Franklin so much so that he consider old Ben to be his mentor.

Immediately upon retiring, he went to work.

He collaborated with Benjamin Franklin and wrote a  somewhat autobiographical book, The Ten Laws of Wealth & Abundance.

That opened the floodgates of creativity and now you find Ron back working harder than he ever has.  He wants to reverse the economic crisis of our time and cretae a world he would be proud to have his grandchildren inherit.

Here  is a page that summarizes where he is today and where he and his team are going.

Life Script Learning, Inc.

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Integrity selling is not an oxymoron.

What is Integrity Selling?

We have a six-step system of doing integrity selling.  The six steps are:
(1) approach, to gain rapport with people;
(2) interview, to identify their needs,
(3) demonstrate, to show how we can fill the needs,
(4) validate in order to show or prove our claims, show our product will fill the needs,
(5) negotiate, to work out problems that keep people from buying, and then we
(6) close; we simply ask for a decision.

The way integrity selling differs from traditional selling is that there's no selling effort up front. In other words, we approach people and gain trust and rapport with them before ever initiating any selling activity. And then we interview to identify their needs, to understand their situation, understand the problems that they have, that they want filled. And we get agreement that they do have needs that they want filled, that they do have problems they want solved, and that they do have things--needs or wants that they want satisfied.

And so once we get this commitment, then we show or tell how our products and service will fill the needs that have already been admitted.

It's totally different than traditional selling, as we've been taught many years ago, where the salesperson went in and did tricky demonstrations, did most of the talking, very glibly played a chess game with someone.

In integrity selling, in the first two steps, the approach and interview steps, we do 20 percent of the talking and 80 percent of the listening.

Our whole process is built on asking the right questions, asking questions that draw people out. We need to get them talking, get them discovering their needs, telling us what their needs are, and admitting a desire for a solution. It's at that point that we begin some selling activity. So that's how selling has changed.

That's how integrity selling works. And in a sense, that's what integrity selling is.

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