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Last Update: Monday September 20, 2021

Key Idea: Put Pen To Paper To Close Customers

John Wargo is a marketing expert and he says that even in the age of word processing and email, there is nothing more powerful than a handwritten note.

Key Question:


Write prospects and customers notes on stationery and send them in an envelope with a stamp or by courier.

You may remember the phrase, "high tech, high touch." This became popular when voice mail systems started taking over every switchboard in the country. Customers were frustrated and so often, they wanted to speak to a real person. Voice mail technology was patented in 1982. Since then, more and more hardware and software has crept into our lives. For this reason, we wanted to remind every business person out there: you don't close deals with e-mail.

Why is a handwritten note more powerful today than ever?

A:  Because almost no one does it. And the facts are that people do business with people. Big deals are done in a personal way with details and follow-up done with e-mail.

When was the last time you wrote a personal note? When was the last time you received one? How did you feel? You would never send a Valentine's card to a person you love with a computer generated signature. Maybe you would, but most of us would not. Just a step below that level of attention is the same attention you will give to the most important business relations in your life.

We are coming full circle. Candles are back. Romance is soon to follow. A quiet revolution has begun.

Think about it

Who should I write a note to today?

Clip from: E-Culture - Online Everywhere All The Time

AROUND THE WORLD:  Some of the best, the most-creative among us, will more-fully integrate some aspect of the greatest corporate convergence in history --  Broadcasting - Information - Communications - Education - Publishing - Systems. The result will be "the next big thing." The audacious, out-of-the-box thinkers, will lead us. Because these new efficiencies and abilities require one to pick up and run quickly, essentially "small business" can have, and will have, the biggest impact on the unfolding of the future.

This convergence redefines everything.

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We all must prepare today for the invevitable tomorrows.

Small Business Owners Everywhere in the world, We all will exit our business someday.

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Put Pen To Paper To Close Customers

HATTIE: Is an e-culture about eliminating paper completely? Probably not. Here's our marketing adviser John Wargo.

JOHN: No. I don't think paper's going to go away. And actually I think what you're going to find is that the e-culture will probably produce more paper and more handwritten correspondence.

You know, many people thought that when the video chains came out that the movie theaters were going to fold. Well, that didn't happen. People thought that newspapers were going to go away when radio came. Well, that didn't happen. Actually, communication begets communication. And it's really knowing how to use each of the mediums properly.

E-mail has a very important place, but so does handwritten letters.

HATTIE: Do you think young people today--I mean, it seems to me that they love the speed of e-mail so much that it's going to be hard to convince them that frankly that's not really the way you do big business.

JOHN: Big deals are really made by taking the time to build a personal relationship. Big deals are not made on the run with haste and with speed and only with efficiency.

HATTIE: Are you telling me that you actually receive handwritten notes?

JOHN: Yes, even today. And I deal with people all over the world, you know. For example, here's a note from one of our suppliers. Here's a note from one of our contractors. These people are cementing a relationship with me.

HATTIE: So a piece of advice you might give someone who's trying to build a business today?

JOHN: Well, you want to build a relationship. Using the relationship, don't forget to use a handwritten note. It really does make a difference, and it will be appreciated. It does take a little time. But that's why the people appreciate receiving it. And it will be opened and read. And it will not be a broadcast message.

It will show that you care and you want to build a relationship with them.

In the Studio

Think hard. Where do you stand now? Do you have a fully functioning e-culture with every employee using the Internet purposefully? Are you heading in that direction or are you stuck in the last decade, the old millenium.

(Voiceover) The men and women we have learned from today have grabbed ahold of the future. They are leading with vision. They have invested money and sweat into connecting all their ideas. They are the builders and users of the tools of an e-culture. They're on the right path and you can be, too.

Don't go into denial. All business is adopting an e-culture and we need to adopt it sooner or later.

We'll see you next time.

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