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Last Update: Monday September 20, 2021

Key Idea: Go Global With Language Translation

In an e-culture there are increasingly no language barriers.  People use advanced tools to translate on the fly.  The tools used by the United Nations become available to everyone.

Key Question:


Speak their language.

Although Small Business School is slowly moving in this direction, we have not yet enabled much in the way of language translations on this site. Once we thought of just three ubiquitous languages: English, Spanish, and French, and then their romantic roots, Latin and Greek. Today we are quick to recognize the three major-population languages -- Arabic, Chinese, and Hindi. Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portugese, and Russian are the national languages of regions of the world.

Then there are the national languages of soverign nations -- Afrikaans (South Africa), Armenian, Azeri (Azerbaijani), Bengali, Boholano (Filipino), Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan (Algeria, Spain, France, etc.), Cambodian, Cebuano ( Visayan, Filipino), Creole, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dari (Afghanistan), Dutch, Farsi (Persian), Finnish, Flemish (Belgian), Hmong (Southeast Asian), Hungarian, Indonesian, Lao, Malay (Malaysia / Singapore), Minangkabau (Sumatra, Indonesia), Moroccan, Norwegian, Papiamento (Aruba), Polish, Punjabi, Romanian, Sanskrit, Serbian, Slovak, Swedish, Tagalog (Filipino), Telugu (India, Mauritius, UAE, etc.), Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

It is all quite overwhelming. There are literally over 1000 languages on our tiny planet.

Q: What is realistic?

A: For us, English to Chinese was very radical. But the fact is, as computing power progresses, 1000 languages will be just as seamless, quick and easy. Then, real-time, person-to-person translators, will be the final barrier. It is all here and on the horizon (fiscally possible) for all of us.

For more, you might find these sites of interest:
» American Translators Association: Initial translations may be done by machine, but once real relations are engaged with people of other languages, you will want to engage language specialists to be sure all your key pages translate successfully.
» The Rosetta Project: This impressive site delivers on its promise to be "a meaningful survey and near permanent archive of 1,000 languages." This project simply opens our minds and hearts to the expansive nature of language.

Think about it

Should you explore an international market?

Clip from: E-Culture - Online Everywhere All The Time

AROUND THE WORLD:  Some of the best, the most-creative among us, will more-fully integrate some aspect of the greatest corporate convergence in history --  Broadcasting - Information - Communications - Education - Publishing - Systems. The result will be "the next big thing." The audacious, out-of-the-box thinkers, will lead us. Because these new efficiencies and abilities require one to pick up and run quickly, essentially "small business" can have, and will have, the biggest impact on the unfolding of the future.

This convergence redefines everything.

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Go Global With Language Translation

HATTIE: In an e-culture, the barriers between international cultures even begin to melt away.

(Voiceover) We traveled 8,000 miles to see how one small business is empowering their customers to reach across language barriers and how they are developing technologies to handle mundane jobs.

Computer Voice: Hi. I'm your virtual receptionist. Please use the boxes below to let my colleagues know you're here. They have been notified and are on their way. Would you like to see our show reel while you wait?

(Voiceover) KMPInternet is the Manchester, England-based e-architecture firm specializing in e-business, e-marketing and portal development. Soon, Linguabots, like the virtual receptionist they developed, combined with their online language translation will enable all Web users to learn anything with no language barriers.

BILL DARING (KMPInternet Chairman): Hi. You must be Hattie.

HATTIE: Hi. (Voiceover) Founder Bill Daring is the chairman.

BILL: We actually create the technology that allows you to push the button and translate, OK?

(Voiceover) So it does it at a very fast speed. And I think we're talking about 500 words a minute that we are able to translate. We went to China a couple of years ago and found that they really do need access to Western sites.

(Voiceover) They need to--they're very hungry for knowledge. They want to do business with the West, but one of the barriers is language. We looked at using machine translation modules to create Web sites that would translate into Chinese to start off with at a touch of a button. And we've created the model which we can do that. One of our goals it to actually ensure that companies see the advantage of this and then incorporate that technology into their sites. Now initially our targets have been governments because governments want to promote exports to various parts of the world, and they want to do it with small or medium-sized enterprises who can't afford that kind of technology. So hopefully we're looking to government bodies to build translation sites that can be used in everybody's Web site. You can actually hit a button on your own Web site, using this as a server, to create the language change.

HATTIE: Do you think every business today is a global business?

BILL: Yeah, it think it is. I think it is. Business generally is e-enabling itself. It's putting processes in that make--that cut the cost and give better benefit to their customers. So as small-business man, then, we've got to recognize this is going on.

In an e-culture the barriers between international cultures even begin to melt away. One of the biggest barriers is language and here KMP Internet opened our doors to foreign lands -- we adopted their technology and now every page on our site is automatically translated to Chinese.

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