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Last Update: Monday September 20, 2021

Key Idea: Teach Customers To Be E-Efficient

Greg Steckler started landing customers from around the world back in 1996! He posted a web site and soon orders from the web surpassed orders from his yellow page ad.   More...

Key Question:


Follow Greg's example.  Over the years he has adopted online tools so that any customer can view him at work from any computer connected to the Internet. Providing service to customers in multiple time zones was his initial motivation.

Q:  Why is this so valuable to Greg's customers?

A:  He is drawing custom log home plans for his customers. They are all dreaming about the home they are going to build with these plans. They are anxious to see what he does with their ideas and without excpeption, they are chomping at the bit for him to finish their project. By using the password he provides, each of Greg's customers can view their log plans in progress. Can you imagine how many phone calls this must save him everyday?

None of us want to stop talking to our customers on the phone. However, if we can give them more of what they want when they want it, everybody is happy.

Think about it

What can you get your customers to do online that would bring them closer to you?

Clip from: E-Culture - Online Everywhere All The Time

AROUND THE WORLD:  Some of the best, the most-creative among us, will more-fully integrate some aspect of the greatest corporate convergence in history --  Broadcasting - Information - Communications - Education - Publishing - Systems. The result will be "the next big thing." The audacious, out-of-the-box thinkers, will lead us. Because these new efficiencies and abilities require one to pick up and run quickly, essentially "small business" can have, and will have, the biggest impact on the unfolding of the future.

This convergence redefines everything.

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Log Rhythms

Greg Steckler, Founder

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Teach Customers To Be E-Efficient

GREG STECKLER (Log Rhythms Owner): Good morning.

HATTIE: Well, you must be Greg. GREG: I am.

HATTIE: I thought I was never going to get here.

(Voiceover) Since 1996, Greg has understood the collaboration revolution. He designs log homes online. His clients collaborate with him on the smallest of changes and often they never meet in person.

GREG: And I fell in love with computers about four years ago. And wow, it was just a--I hung up the chain saw and traded it in for a monitor and a keyboard. Come on over, Hattie. I'd like you to meet Kevin Taylor. Kevin, this is Hattie.


KEVIN TAYLOR (Log Rhythms): Hattie.

HATTIE: Kevin, I'm Hattie. (Voiceover) In the middle of 45 acres and surrounded by the Bureau of Land Management, Greg and his employees produce plans for log homes. Now tell me what you do in this business here.

KEVIN: Well, basically, what I do is Greg gets the customer and I help out with the design of the house. And then I create a 3-D model for them to see. And then we take it from there and do the working drawings for the builders and that, build the house off them.

(Voiceover) That's still--you're still printing, right?

KEVIN: (Voiceover) Yeah. All our sets we still print, so the people actually have something to look at and for their friends to look at and stuff. And then what we do is these are also our working drawings.

GREG: The global community, the Internet is just tying people from every single city and even rural areas all over the world.

HATTIE: So you love coming here, right?

KEVIN: Oh, yeah. Every day.

HATTIE: Is it to play with this machine?

KEVIN: Oh, basically. Yeah. (Voiceover) I mean, the view helps, but the machine is what brings me back every day.

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