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Key Idea: Deliver On Your Promises No Matter What It Takes

Mind Over Machines does complex web enabling work for the private and public sector.  Founder Tom Loveland says they strive to be the web guys people love.

Key Question:


One key is to do what you say you're going to do it when you said you would do it and for the price you agreed to charge.

Q:  Why does this sound so easy but it turns out to be so hard?

Because running a business can become complicated. We get caught up in hundreds of little goals on our way to the big ones. We are tempted to cut corners or look for the easy way.

One of the hard parts of this goal is when we know we're not going to be able to do it we have to tell the person we made the promise to that we are going to fail. We have to admit our mistakes and therefore expose our shortcomings.

Mind Over Machine is functioning in an area where most companies don't make customers happy so the fact that it generally wins repeat business is significant.

Q: Is, "do what you say you're going to do" a pre-determined, realistic, worthwhile goal?

A:  Yes. But it is really hard to measure because there are so many people and so many steps in the processes we have to go through to deliver to a customer.

Think about it

Do you deliver for customers on time and on budget and do customers refer you to others?

Clip from: Mind Over Machines

Baltimore, Maryland:  The local business, Mind Over Machines,  was the 2006 Small Business Person of the Year for the US Chamber of Commerce for the northeast.  Though headquartered in  Baltimore, they employ people around the world to serve businesses and governments around the world.

Meet Tom Loveland and his partner, Ron Monford.  Tom was founder and technical guru and Ron is President.  They have over 50 employees -- some  in Baltimore, some on the DC beltway in Bethesda, a few in the silicon hotspot of Austin, and a sprinkling working from India, China, Norway, Great Britain  and Russia.  Here is a group that is transforming the way governments and businesses run. 

These folks make computing machines work for people and to "think" like people.

We quickly  discover that business acumen is transferable.  Ron had spent about 30 years in the men’s tailored clothing industry.  He yearned to be part of the unfolding high tech economy so in 1999 he took his tool set and jumped ship to bring the computing wizards get their business under control and to focus on customer service and delivery systems.

It is working.  Go to the video...

Mind Over Machines, Inc.

Tom Loveland, CEO

1300 York Road
Suite 190
Baltimore, MD 21093
410 321 4700

Visit our web site:

Office: 410 321 4700

Business Classification:
Information Services

Year Founded: 1989

Deliver On Your Promises No Matter What It Takes

HATTIE:(Voiceover) Meet Ron Monford and Tom Loveland.  Tom is founder and Ron is President of Mind Over Machines. They have 50 employees working in Baltimore, Bethesda and Austin. We met them at their Baltimore headquarters.

TOM: Mind Over Machines builds enterprise software systems for government and commercial clients.  

Ron: Tom and I bring unique things to this relationship.  Tom is the technical end of the equation and I’m the business side.  

TOM: I would say  as a team the revenue has increased because I’m confident that Ron has my back.  He’s keeping the ship in order and I am out in front finding new opportunities.

Ron: I spent almost 30 years in the men’s tailored clothing industry but I had a real desire to break into the new economy and when I had an opportunity in 1999 I jumped at it.

TOM: We were cowboys, gods, wizards –undeserved. After a few years enough of us cowboys had gone out into the world and not been very good business people and messed up projects and annoyed a lot of folks.  

RON: We’re the guys that everybody loves to hate.  But we know we are a necessary, I don’t want to say necessary evil, but we’re necessary.  In today’s world you must have IT be a very large part of what you do on a day- to- day basis and we’re the guys who can do it.  

TOM:  Things are a lot better today than they were a generation ago.

RON:  But it’s not going away and look at it as a means to do what you do better, quicker and cheaper and that really is the answer.

TOM:  As a rule no more paying for a lot of stuff that doesn’t work.

HATTIE:(Voiceover) Programmers from the US, India, China, Norway, Great Britain  and Russia, deliver results.

RON:  I like to say that the world works here. We have a large group of highly competent software developers who are from all over the world.

HATTIE:(Voiceover)  Dmitry Cherches is Chief Technology Officer.

RON: I found the best thing is to let these very smart people do that they do best give them accountability then reward them when they do a good job.

TOM: Clients trust us we have long term relationships with them.  We get to know them and truly add value because we get to know their business sometimes amazing value.

RON:  Not only do what we say we’re going to do generally when we say we’re going to do it we do it for they cost that we quoted.  

TOM:  It’s often that 5 or 10% of input which can double the value and we get a real thrill providing that to customers.

There were some times when the phone wasn’t ringing and I would look at the revenue and tell myself that if I was going to be a responsible person I should consider doing something else.  Like getting a job.  And I had that conversation with myself several times and each time, out of the depths, there was this resounding NO!  I’m not going to do it. The stamina, the power to continue forth came out.  I would make the phone calls and find the energy and perseverance and push through.

I see no end to it. It’s our human personality, it’s our spirits, it entrepreneurism. There’s no end to this. It’s a wonderful race.

We’re not ordinary IT guys.  We tell the truth we get down to the nugget of the problem. we’re not afraid to provide the bad news along with the good news.  We really care about providing return on investment to our clients. That’s our goal to serve our clients well. If we do well, if we serve well, good will come back to us.

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