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Key Idea: Be Bold

Host Hattie Bryant says that the eHarmony team is a success because it doesn't compromise.

Key Question:


When you watch Dr. Warren and Greg talk, you can tell they are bold. They have courage. They are the kind of guys who take action on an idea when they believe in it. They have kinetic energy, enthusiasm and passion that could not be contained.

Q: What was so bold about their launch of eHarmony? Aren't all entrepreneurs bold?

A: No. Many entrepreneurs admit that they are risk adverse. They only move forward on ideas they can test and prove out before they pour in the cash.

These people took action based on Dr. Warren's gut feeling to ramp up and do the needed research to build an automated product. Plus, they did this as hundreds of dot com companies were losing billions of dollars and closing their doors. At the same time eHarmony was launching, the only companies making money on the web were brick and mortar companies using the web as a channel.

The other issue they were dealing with was the Sleaze Factor. As we already wrote, women were not flocking to the web for dates because the online dating business looked like a front for pornography and sex.

Dr. Warren and Greg decided to stare down the enemy and go into its territory armed with research and a superior product. Rather than give the pornography people a wide berth, they are pushing them back into the dark corners where they belong while legitimizing the best parts of the industry.
Greg even reported that the online dating and matching services collectively are taking in more cash now than is the online pornography business.

In part of the interview with Greg (that is not in the finished episode) we learned that Dr. Warren and Greg boldly rejected advice given to them by their specially selected advisors.
Greg said, "One piece of advice was go to market quickly but we waited to get the product right. We were told that you are not the CEO -- you're the CRO -- the Chief Recruiting Officer. Hire a team of first class managers. We didn't hire anybody. We stuck with the same six people that we started with. We never hired, and we still don't have a director of marketing and we don't have a marketing department."

Some might think that is it silly and short-sighted to not take advice from experts. We think that Greg and Dr. Warren had intuition about what they should do and they were bold enough to follow their internal signals.

Think about it

Are you as bold as you could be? Are you as bold as you were when you were younger? If not, do you think it's because you don't have an idea that inspires you?

Clip from: eHarmony

Pasadena, California:  Meet Dr. Neil Clark Warren. He has always been an excellent marriage counselor;  failures in marriage bothered him.  He decided to look into the broken heart of divorce. He probed and researched 512 couples -- divorce autopsies -- and discovered most of these people married the wrong person. He wrote a book about it and that book was selling well, until Oprah invited him to come on her show. Of course, sales exploded. When his son-in-law challenged him to expand his reach, they took that business to the web and almost lost everything.  That was 2001; the dot.coms had become dot.bombs.

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Be Bold

In the Studio
HATTIE: Over a billion dollars are being spent right now by people trying to find the love of their life and one-third of that is on the Internet. At the time of this writing, there were close to two million hits on the word 'matchmaker' in Google.

Neil Clark Warren and Greg Forgatch brought to the world the right service at the right time.

Divorce is so painful, singles are turning to science for help and the research brought to bear by the eHarmony team is changing the entire world of dating.

Neil and Greg have made some bold assumptions. First, they knew how to help singles find the love of their life and second, they would not be deterred from using the greatest communication tool in the history of civilization, just because the sex business AKA dating services, had already positioned themselves so firmly on the internet.
Rather than being shunned by the serious singles who in the past had never considered using what many thought was a sleazy way to find a date, eHarmony influence has caused some of the sleazy operations to get out of the gutter.

As we keep learning here, over and over and over, solve a person's problem and you have a business.

The problem singles face today is not about a date or sex. The problem is how do I find my soul mate. eHarmony is indeed helping millions solve this problem.

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