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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Key Idea: Write A Telemarketing Script

Rosemary Skeffington says a telemarketing script should uncover pain.   More...

Key Question:


Put a communication plan in place and stick to it.  If it doesn't work, make some changes and keep trying until you hit the right formula.

Q:  What is the key to Rosemary's script?

A:  She asks questions hoping to find the prospects pain points.

Think about it

What is your communication plan?  Do you have a telemarketing script?  If not, why not?  Do you do all of the prospecting and selling yourself?

Clip from: Time Technology where Technology Warps Time

Godalming, Surrey, United Kingdom:   Meet the Skeffingtons - Rosemary, her husband, Nigel, and his brother, Peter.  They introduce us to a rather simple technology that brings people from different time zones into the same time and creates a ubiquitous space that everybody shares.  Their business is Time Technology.

What they do is teach and implement collaborative technologies. Though this technology raises some real questions about our perception of time, for them, it is just a fact that literally hundreds of people can be part of an online meeting, working on the same content, though separated by time zones and continents.
Time and space are so fundamental most of us just take the two for granted. It just seems like another application of technology, but it is the beginning of a very significant revolution --  at long last long-held beliefs about what is possible within a given space and time is radically changing.

Time Technology Ltd (RS)

Rosemary Skeffington, Founder

Brook House
Mint Street

44(0)1483 863 000

Visit our web site:

Office: 44(0)1483 863 000

Business Classification:

Year Founded: 1992

Write A Telemarketing Script

We've been doing a lot of telemarketing every month-- we outsource that. We've produced newsletters and we do mail shots. So we've bought a database and I talk to that database twice a year. We also outsource the database management I can't do everything. I have to balance my time between HR and marketing. I outsource copyrighting and design also. I coordinate and pull all together. The newsletter goes 4 times a year and mail shots every month.

I write the telemarketing script. Telemarketing does work but you have to get the script right. We've rewritten the script about 4 times. We started off using support. Have you got a problem with your software support? Can we help you? Perhaps you need some fixing. Can we send in a consultant? Have you heard of XYZ Product? Have you heard of us? Time Technology? Is there anything we can do to help. That worked quite well. Then we moved on to specific pains inside a company. We might choose to call the sales director rather than the IT director and we might say, "Have you got a problem keeping your customers up to date with information? Have you got a problem getting things to market quick enough? What really hurts?" We might say to the production director, "Are these your problems?"

Think about the pains then translate them into something about which you can have a meaningful conversation. So it is important to catch their interest. You need to write the script to encourage whoever you are calling to talk to you about their specific problems. Then you can pick up on an idea. Then you can say, "do you want a sales person to call on you?"

HATTIE: So how does it work? Do you mail to the same people you call?

ROSIE: Yes. We mail-call-mail-call. Touch the customer. We put Time Technology in front of the customer as much as we can.

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