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Key Idea: Love the Work, Not the Business

Eric Rose loves the stuff of his day.  He is challenged by the problems and works long hours to make sure he exceeds the expectations of his customers.  More...

Key Question:


Be fascinated by the work that you do to serve your customers.

We've all heard the statistics on how many small businesses fail each year. Some fail because the owner loved the business, but not the work.

Q: What's the difference between loving the business and loving the work?

A: The work is what you do every day, all day, and usually bring home with you each evening, mentally, if not physically. Small business owners are a sturdy lot, they pretty much have to be. The more successful they are, the more people's lives are dependent on their future success. Most business owners take this responsibility very seriously. They are able to deal with the pressure and the stress when they have a real passion for their work, their customers, and their employees. They jump out of bed in the morning and can't wait to get to work because they love what they do. The business owner whose only passion is for owing his or her own business, not having a boss, able to make all the key decisions of the business, is likely to "burn out" quickly. The work is the juice!

Think about it

Do you love what you do?

Clip from: EM Rose Builders on the Gold Coast of Connecticut

Failures Teach; Successes Build Confidence

Branford, Connecticut: Becoming a world-class builder does not happen overnight. Also, people who do become the best in their industry often learn the hard lessons the hard way. 

Thus, truly the better you get,  the more humility you have. 

This is the story of Eric Rose.  He is a world-class builder.   Today, with his huge network of the finest craftsmen in the world, he continues to learn how to balance his understanding of his gifts and talents with an openness to learn even more. Truly successful business people turn people power in positive actions to over achieve and do more than is required.

And in this episode, Eric's work and that of his many teams demonstrate that they are in touch with these essentials of life.

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Love the Work, Not the Business

HATTIE: Eric is a good teacher. We have so many good teachers on this show. And as we reflect on all these people, one of the most common threads is their love of stuff, the things of their business. And I think this is the key that unlocks the the door to this path, call it the luxury of perfection.

Big business can not even begin to imagine the love of detail, the passion for perfection, that all these people have.

Of course, with every passing year, we all continue to ratchet it up. We try to make it better. Do it better. But there are always those people who just stand out. Sometimes, just like Eric, they get recognized by their peers for doing outstanding work, leading the way. They receive awards and people seek them out to get their products and service.

And I really believe, deep in our hearts, that is where we all want to be.

If you are just starting your business or you really, really want to grow the one you have, consider this bit of wisdom from Eric's web site,

"Unless one is in love with their calling
and cherishes its secrets and methods,
he rarely can accomplish the best results in his work."

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