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Key Idea: Earn the Right to Join the Club

Eric Rose's experience shows that it takes time to get big.  More...

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Eric is enormously successful because he paid his dues in earning that success. Like so many entrepreneurs, he started young and over-promised and under-delivered. He knew he could not continue doing what he was doing. He had enough humility to take a job with a major building contractor and learned the nuts-and-bolts of business and of building. "I learned it is a lot more than pounding nails," he said.

Today, among custom home builders, he has established a reputation as one of the best of the best.

Q: How does a small business get to the top, to truly excel at what they do?

A: It's the same as the way to Carnegie Hall. Practice, practice, practice. "if at first you don't succeed...

And, Eric learned his lessons well. Today, he only takes on three or four projects at a time because he thinks of himself as a project manager, not a corporate CEO. Every project commands his undivided attention and every project is important to him. He concerns himself with the quality of his work, mastering his craft. He gets involved in each project, working with the architect to come to the right solution for each client. His reputation and financial success have been the fruit of the tree of excellence.

Think about it

Are you the best at what you do?  Do you want to be the very best?

Clip from: EM Rose Builders on the Gold Coast of Connecticut

Failures Teach; Successes Build Confidence

Branford, Connecticut: Becoming a world-class builder does not happen overnight. Also, people who do become the best in their industry often learn the hard lessons the hard way. 

Thus, truly the better you get,  the more humility you have. 

This is the story of Eric Rose.  He is a world-class builder.   Today, with his huge network of the finest craftsmen in the world, he continues to learn how to balance his understanding of his gifts and talents with an openness to learn even more. Truly successful business people turn people power in positive actions to over achieve and do more than is required.

And in this episode, Eric's work and that of his many teams demonstrate that they are in touch with these essentials of life.

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E.M. Rose Builders, Inc.

Eric Rose, Founder

9 Business Park Drive
Suite 12
Branford, CT 06405

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Year Founded: 1997

Earn the Right to Join the Club

HATTIE: (Voiceover) While masons handcraft each stone for this 7,000 plus square foot home and its 3,000 foot long retaining wall, this server rack is being readied to move data along thousands of feet of wire so that the owner from any computer in the world can lower blinds, heat the swimming pool and warm the water that runs through tubing to melt snow off the driveway or make walking on stone floors comfortable, even for bare feet.

Panels through the homes are programmed to manage light, multimedia, air flow and temperature, security and telecommunications. These are smart houses.

ERIC ROSE: (Voiceover) We're in an essentially gated community.

HATTIE: (Voiceover) Okay.

ERIC: (Voiceover) Architecturally it's a very diverse neighborhood.

HATTIE: (Voiceover) Eric Rose, founder of the award winning construction company, E.M. Rose builders, lets us step into his world.

ERIC: This stone is called Wissahickon Schist and it gets its name from the Wissahickon Creek in Southern Pennsylvania.

Our clients are a very, very, tiny, tiny niche club that inspires the kinds of projects that we do, that competes for the kind of projects. The subcontractors, the general contractors, the clients, the architects -- every one of those in their own sphere is a small group. Well why don't we take a look at the cherry in the storage area.

DREXEL FRYE (VP, Cabinet Shop): Well all the cherry--

ERIC: Our goal here is to find those three or four magical projects at a time and the heck with the rest of the world. And that's where we focus.

Oh my God, look at that. It's going to be gorgeous.

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