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Key Idea: Be Part of the Market You Serve

Another way to say this is, "Speak your customer's language."   The Navarros are Cuban and they all speak Spanish. All of the employees speak Spanish and they serve communities in Miami which is 50% Latin. Here are Jose and Gloria Navarro in their first location decades ago!

Key Question:


You have to fully understand your customers.  You should have insights that those outside the your target group could never have even if they did expensive market research.

In the case of Navarro, what seemed unique in the '60s and '70s is now understood. This country has a growing Hispanic population that will shop differently than will Anglos. Navarro's is cashing in big on this trend mainly because they are part of it and they have not drifted away from it.

In the case of Wahoo's, which targets surfers, the founders have been surfers since childhood and rather than give up surfing they invented a product to sell to surfers.

We believe that you can think of groups as tribes and Merriam-Webster says, a tribe is, "A social group comprising numerous families, clans, or generations, dependents, or adopted strangers; a group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest; a category of taxonomic classification ranking below a subfamily; also, a natural group irrespective of taxonomic rank."

Think about it

Could your target market be described as a tribe? If not, why not? If yes, what insights do you gain from thinking of them as a tribe? Would they like to see each other more often? Can you provide bonding experiences for them that others could not?

Clip from: Navarro Discount Pharmacies

Miami: In this city, a destination for new Spanish-speaking Americans, finding somebody who understands you, knows and feels your pain, is a seismic relief. With a profound empathy, this family's business is committed to service and to solving very big problems for their customers.

With an abiding willingness-to-serve, this family's business is one of the most profitable per square foot of any retail store in the USA. When we taped this story there were 12 locations generating $160 million in annual sales and jobs for nearly 600.

So many new medicines are announced every day, it is almost impossible for anyone to keep up. But, those new Americans with a limited command of English, and our elders who are taking multiple medicines, have special challenges.

This family has always been committed to serving their customers. Eighteen-hour days, seven-days-a-week -- whatever it took to get the job done and keep their customers in good health -- these people have done it.
In the process, they have created a first-class business.

Opened in the United States in 1961, the two sons became pharmacists; and today, with 600+ employees, they have become the most productive pharmacy per square foot in the USA and they are a force for good that is helping to reshape Miami as a world-class community.

A classic family business, three generations of compassionate people are involved at every level of the operations.

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Navarro Discount Pharmacies

Jose Navarro, CEO

5959 NW 37th Ave
Miami, FL 33142

Visit our web site:

Office: 305-633-3000

Business Classification:
Retail, Pharmacy

Year Founded: 1961

Be Part of the Market You Serve

HATTIE: Let me ask you this question, does an Hispanic person come to Navarro because it says `Navarro Pharmacies' or do they come here because everyone speaks Spanish?

JOSE: I think language has a lot to do with it. Also, it has to do with the way we treat that customer. I mean, you might go into a store and you went there and they don't know you and they give you a prescription.

Here--if you stay here long enough and you see--and you watch it, you know, these customers become friends with these employees. And they go there and they tell their stories. It might not be the most efficient way, and sometimes I say, you know, `It's taking so long. Why is that customer--hurry to the next customer.'

But then you realize that, you know, that's why they're coming to you. They know them. When they come, they say, `How's your daughter? How's your,' you know, `grandmother? Is she better?' And they know. They're in a one-to-one relationship. So that relationship is very, very important. So I think that is extremely important for us.

HATTIE: (Voiceover) I watched Jose work with a customer.

HATTIE: (Voiceover) He even had to borrow his brother's glasses to help her find the right product. Jose listens, thinks and studies to make sure he makes the best recommendation. (Unidentified Woman -- Spanish spoken -- with JOSE)

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