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Key Idea: Prepare For The Worst

Suzanna Persa of Danceworks found out the hard way that you have to anticipate and plan for  your worst-case-scenario.  More...

Key Question:


To adequately safeguard your information, you need to do 3 things:

1.  Purchase and use a back-up system. Back-ups, copies of information, can be made on a variety of media. You'll need to determine the one best for you. They can be made in the middle of the night so the horsepower of your system is available to the users during business hours. Most back-up systems are "incremental," meaning they capture only the changes since the last back-up. What you back-up, and how often, will be dependent on your business needs. You want to back-up everything and as often as you would need to ensure that your business is not interrupted if you lost the information on your system.

2.  Store the information and the applications off-site
. In case disaster strikes your facility, at least one copy of your back-up files should be stored off-site. This may mean that you or someone in your organization physically carries or delivers the back-up media to another location. There are also services available that will poll your systems and maintain the backups for you. The information won't be much use to you if you can't access it. It's just as important to have off-site copies of the software applications you use as it is to have copies of the data files.

3. Restore the back-up files on the server for testing. Don't assume that the back-up data will be credible if needed. On a regularly scheduled basis, the data should be restored to the system and tested to insure that it is in proper format and usable by the software applications you rely on. This is the technology equivalent of a fire drill. 

Think about it

Is your back-up system adequate? If your hard drive went out, how quickly could your data be restored?

Clip from: Protect Your Priceless Data - Understand Security

Meet Art Wong of Symantec, data security guru

Silicon Valley, Seattle, San Diego:  One of the biggest problems in small business today is that we under-estimate the value of our data and we have trouble believing anything can happen to those computers - until it does. And, it will. Issues that face each of us range from viruses to automated internet attacks to outright theft and natural disasters. The cost of these issues in lost information and lost time sometimes is the business itself. Most of us know we need to take a few steps to secure our data but simply do not know where to start.  This episode of the show is our 1-2-3. Please, have somebody in your business become an expert. If you are a sole proprietor, you'll just have to do it!

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Prepare For The Worst

SUZANNA PERSA: I don't think this will ever happen again.

HATTIE: (voiceover) Suzanna Persa owns Danceworks, located near Seattle, and she wasn't prepared when her hard drive crashed.

SUZANNA PERSA: Yes. Nothing. Everything gone.

HATTIE: Do you keep a database in your computer?

SUZANNA PERSA: We do. We have Access database and run everything from there. We rely on it a lot. I was devastated because everything that we had from day one of building this place was on that computer. So trying to even think about how we were going to retrieve this data was more than I could bare. I was stressed beyond belief.

HATTIE: Did you cry?

SUZANNA: A lot. I swore a lot .... at the machine and thank God it's too big for me to throw out the window because I probably would have done that too. We use our computer so much for this business. Even contact information to be able to call a student, it's there and now it's gone. Quickbooks, all of our accounting. It's there and it's all gone. For me, I'm the type of person that, if something happens once, OK but it will never happen again.

HATTIE: Lesson learned.

SUZANNA: Absolutely.

VICKY: We had a hard drive crash and we lost our data and we were not able to retrieve the data off the hard drive but fortunately we were able to go back to one of our tapes to retrieve the data.

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