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Key Idea: Invest in Your Profession

Young people are experiencing success because Milton Moses takes time to mentor.

Key Question:


Spend time helping others succeed.  If you do this work in your industry your efforts could have dramatic impact on the business you love.

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Who should you be mentoring?  If a mentoring program doesn't already exist for you to participate in, should you start one?

Clip from: Community Insurance

Chicago: In 1962 Milton Moses thought about going into television, but there were few places for African Americans. Instead, he joined Community Insurance Center and was made President in 1968. 

Today his firm is one of the largest African-American owned insurance agencies in the Midwest. Like millions of other small business owners, he has created jobs for decades. He established his company as an institution in a quiet neighborhood and is always looking for ways to empower the next generation.

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Community Insurance

Milton Moses, CEO

526 E. 87th Street
Chicago, IL 60619
773 651 6200

Visit our web site:

Office: 773 651 6200

Business Classification:

Year Founded: 1962

Invest in Your Profession

HATTIE: (Voiceover) Milton is a mentor to other African- American- owned insurance agencies. Bryant graduated from The Travelers Program for Inner City Development.

BRYANT: I learned a lot from Milton as far as the P&C business. We learned how the different companies operate, what it takes to get direct contracts, what it takes to keep your direct contracts. So that's some of the biggest things that we learned.

HATTIE: OK. So what's the goal here, Bryant?

BRYANT: Well, right now we've graduated from the program. We're continuing to keep in contact with the program because there's still some other things that we go back to them for help on. So that's pretty much where we're at right now.

HATTIE: How do you have time to do this? Why are you doing this? And how do you have time?

MILTON: Well, I don't have time, and that's why some other people are involved. Matt Cooper runs the Inner City Agency operation for us. But why do I do it? Because I feel that, in order for this profession to continue on, we've got to have new, young people, young blood coming into it, and you can't get them by just lip service. You've got to go out and help them. You've got to recruit them. You've got to train them. You've got to work with them. You've got to show them that success is very possible, but you've got to work hard at it.

HATTIE: (Voiceover) Representing one of the insurance companies Milton does business with, Don Davis praises what Milton has done for his customers and the community.

DON DAVIS: Well, Milton, himself, is a small business within the community, and that's something that's oftentimes overlooked; that when you have an insurance agency in a community that's bringing not only money in, but also sharing money within the community, he's helping that community survive 'cause all communities need strong businesses. It feels like every time you talk to Milt, he really cares not only about the business, but the people that he's involved with, so it also comes across with the employees. (Voiceover) I mean, you walk through there and you see a lot of people that are very happy to be working here, proud to be working with Milton, within the agency.

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