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Key Idea: Fix It Before It Breaks

Hubert and Rose Opici say that preventative maintenance saves time and money.  More...

Key Question:


Keep service consistent and dependable. This is a distribution business which means trucks have to be on the road everyday delivering to the customers. Restaurant and shop owners are dependent upon drivers who arrive on a predictable schedule. Hubert said if a truck breaks down it could cost $250 for towing and repair. If the truck is maintained properly it will not break down.

Q: Other than saving time and money by taking care of equipment, are there other good reasons for keeping your systems in good condition?

A: Your reputation. Good customers can be patient but you don't want to try that patience. If you miss a delivery once in a blue moon that can be understood. Missing delivery schedules repeatedly makes you seem unreliable and customers will leave you to find the company that can deliver.

Think about it

What needs to be repaired, refurbished, painted, oiled or upgraded? Is your software and hardware than three years old?

Clip from: Opici Wine Group's Three Generations

Glen Rock, New Jersey:  One never knows when power, love, and money intersect within a family, how it'll play out. When company founders, Rose and Hubert Opici, thought the next generation was ready to run the company, they retired to Florida.  They were a bit too optimistic. Though from within the family, their new leadership had power and money but not the love that was Rose and Hubert's special ingredient that had nurtured this business into being for over three decades. Luckily, Rose and Hubert were paying attention. They came out of retirement, removed their bad apple, and restored health and vitality to the business.  
The hard lessons learned from that experience steeled the family for the tasks ahead. Their daughter, Linda, became president and they began recruiting strong veteran industry talent. Then to prepare their grandchildren, Dina and Don are getting on the job training from the bottom up.
Learn how a business is built by celebrating life around an evening dinner with family, customers and suppliers. It is a very basic business formula: Know your customers and suppliers well. Get to understand them, like them, and trust them, and the business follows.

This company opened for business in 1933 and you will hear the third generation talking about taking Opici into its second century of operation. 

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Opici Wine Group

Linda Opici, President

25 DeBoer Drive
Glen Rock, NJ 07452

Visit our web site:

Office: 2016891200

Business Classification:

Year Founded: 1933

Fix It Before It Breaks

HATTIE: (In the Studio) Hi, I'm Hattie Bryant. Want to know how business works? How products and services reach you every day? How work is created and lives made better?

When the Opici family immigrated from Italy to New Jersey at the end of the 19th century, the only beverage made for celebration was hard cider. New Jersey was full of apple orchards and it was only natural. This was a problem for the Italians who longed for the wines like they enjoyed in their homeland. Thus, the Opici Wine group was born.

So, who are the Opici's. Well, I'll tell you who they are not. They are not Hollywood's (HBOs) Italian American's made famous by The Sopranos who sing off key. They are honest, hard-working, fair-minded owners of a strong and ever-growing business. Let's go to Glen Rock, New Jersey; I know you'll love Hubert and Rosie.

Hubert Opici: And all of the Italians brought all of their customs and habits. Saturdays and Sundays they used to have picnics or either even in the winter they had venison dinners or pork dinners - that was their culture.

You know the Americans used to drink Applejack. And wine only became, in 1970 it started to -- the Americans recognized wine and started to drink it. And then the likes of Beringer and Mondavi - who we represent - came along and it opened a lot of doors. Where a little Italian firm could not - an American country club you couldn't get near - but with their brands we opened up all - that is what made us grow.

HATTIE: Since 1933, Rose and Hubert Opici have been in the wine business. What started as a New Jersey distributorship has grown into a conglomerate with Opici Wine Group as the holding company for American BD, Casanova Opici New York, Interwine, the Opici Wine Company and the Opici Import Company.

HUBERT: We keep everything in perfect condition, because if a truck breaks down in Miami, it costs you $250 to bring it home. While the repair job would have cost $50. You have to watch every facet of the business. (Employee speaking Italian)

HATTIE: With 400 employees they will sell 2 million cases a year of some 2,000 products.

Worker: MG-49!! (calls out a product number)

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