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Key Idea: Make Marketing Personal

Marc Katz is the message and his personality has been integral to his marketing since the day he opened his deli in 1979. 

Key Question:


Do it yourself by contacting those who could influence your traffic.

Like many new businesses, when Marc launched he didn't have any money to pay an ad agency or even make his own radio spots.  He did what he could think of that didn't cost anything.  He made friends with the doormen of the hotels close to his deli and asked them to send their customers over.  

Think about it

Could you more clearly define you unique selling proposition?  Is your personality something you can leverage?  Would it help or hurt your business to be closely associated with the marketing messages?

Clip from: Katz's Deli & Bar

Austin, Texas: A New York deli in Texas... now that's a concept! Meet the man who believes corned beef is a food group of its own and whose mission has brought more than great eating to the music scene on 6th Street at Rio Grande.
Known around town as the unofficial Mayor of Austin, fifth generation kosher butcher Marc Katz, brought his family recipes from New York City and says his deli in Austin serves the best sandwich west of the Hudson River.  Marc tells us that he copies the best practices of the companies he admires and this led him to the insight, "You only get to keep what you give away."
Learn how this one-man-marketing band rings up millions in revenues from one location that brims with excitement. He has declared  "...fat is back" and added a milkshake to his menu that he calls "a heart attack in a glass." He warns, "You should not operate a vehicle under the influence of this milkshake."

Katz's Deli & Bar

Marc Katz, CEO & founder

Katz's Never Kloses, But Did
Once located at 618 West 6th St. at Rio Grande
Austin, TX 78701


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Make Marketing Personal

MARC: Times have changed, but there's still certain basic one-on-one human relationships. The first marketing I did for this restaurant--now remember, these are different times; I don't do this anymore.

HATTIE: This was 20 years ago.

MARC: This is a disclaimer. But I would take in my car -- you know the little bottles of whiskey that you get on the planes just about that size bottle of whiskey? And I'd drive around from hotel to hotel and have a drink with the bellman.

HATTIE: Really?

MARC: I'd say, `Look, send me some business,' you know, `and tell them they sent you, you know? So I'd go back the next day, and Bill, the bellman over at the Driscoll, sent somebody and I'd go back, `Bill, have a couple of drinks on me. Thanks a lot. You know, that was great.' That was my first marketing.
CASHIER: We give these to the hotels. When they send us business, the concierge sends us business, we keep track of it. We go back and reward these people with `deli dollars.'

HATTIE: So the people that send you customers, you give them a nice gift.

CASHIER: Right. And this way they get to come back and enjoy, you know, Katz's, and see what it's like, again, and they send more people.

HATTIE: Great.


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