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Last Update: Monday June 21, 2021

Key Idea: Create Good Work

Architects at Goshow enjoy lovely space, the tools, the jobs and the leadership they need to grow professionally.

Key Question:


Stop thinking about going to work and start thinking about creating work.

Q:  What does it mean to create work?

An artist-turned-business-owner told us that she didn't understand why people get up everyday and say they are going to work. She thinks we ought to get up and say we are going to create work. This is what artists do. They create a body work. They display their work. They even sell their work.

This idea can be motivating to you and to everyone who works in your organization. How would you approach a task if you thought of it as a work of art?

The owners we have studied here who are involved in reaching toward a higher perfection, continuous improvement cycles, digital workflow, constraint analysis, Six Sigma and so on are the ones who see work as art. They don't go to work, they create work for themselves and for others.

Think about it

What has fallen by the wayside lately? What small detail needs to be addressed? Where are your weak links? What do your employees complain about?

Clip from: Goshow Architects

New York City: Meet  Nancy & Eric Goshow of Goshow Architects. A major part of their work comes out of the $60± billion in annual small business contracts set aside by the US federal government.   At least 23% of all federal contracts are mandated to go to small business, but you've got to be certified!  Priority is given to those with diversity and with women in leadership roles. This set-aside  doesn't stop there.

The federal and state governments look carefully at all the big business contracts and are more favorable when they see big business award 23% of their sub-contracts to small business. Now, the Goshow's field, architecture-and-design, is one small segment of these contracts and sub-contracts.

Virtually every very creative, small business can have a role in lowering the cost of government while improving services.

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Goshow Architects

Nancy Goshow, CEO and co-founder

36 West 25th Street
New York, NY 10010

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Year Founded: 1978

Create Good Work

HATTIE: (In the Studio) Forty years. That's how long Nancy and Eric figured it would take them to build a well-known architectural firm.

The very idea that they started this knowing it would take 40 years is shocking to our American-get-rich-quick-we-have-no-patience psyche.

What we can all learn here is we shouldn't think of going to work, we should think about creating work.

With this mind-shift, we can see why Nancy and Eric aren't concerned about getting somewhere. They are concerned with the unfolding of their gifts -- their deepest and richest insights about space.

The company has evolved from creating homes, to commercial and public sector projects and onto beloved institutions.

Do we all need to stop going to work and start creating work? I think so.

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