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Key Idea: Give to Your Community

Don helped to build this soccer field in his neighborhood.

Key Question:


Give to those who can't pay you back.  

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Think about it

What needs to be done in your community?  What can you do to make your neighborhood a better place?


Clip from: E-Poxy Engineered Materials

Albany, New York: Infrastructure.  Chemistry.  Bonding.  All keys for business success, but in this particular show, we discuss them literally. You can find E-poxy working within the foundations of Statue of Liberty and absorbing the stresses within bridges around the world.

You will meet  the founder -- a man who was a WWII refugee. His name is Don Dzekciorius. For years his mother kept him and his three siblings moving just beyond the battlefields. They managed to come to America from Lithuania on a boat that passed under the watch of the Statue of Liberty. Don has since built a good business from nothing. He employs people. He became the president of a regional manufacturers' president organization where they proudly say, "We made it in America." He gives generously to his community. But best yet, he exports his special chemistry all over the world.

Don's company, E-Poxy Engineered Materials, makes the product that holds things together.  His secret recipe is used to create water-tight expansion joints that hold up the Statute of Liberty and plenty of bridges including the Golden Gate Bridge.   

He started in his own business in 1976. In that time he has created hundreds of jobs, and he has generated millions in sales. And, in so many ways, he has made the world a better place.

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E-Poxy Engineered Materials

Don Dzekciorius,

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Give to Your Community

There's more to life than business. But with Don, it seems life is about working to improve even his own neighborhood.

Unidentified Man #1: Turn it up! Turn it up! Turn it up!

HATTIE: He put dollars and time on the line to build five soccer fields now enjoyed by over 800 kids nearly every day of the year.

Unidentified Man #2: You're on the wrong side of her.

Unidentified Man #3: Let's go! Let's go! Come on! Go to the ball!

DON: Our fields were pathetic. I made a commitment that we would do something.

HATTIE: How does it make you feel when you see all these kids out here?

DON: Oh, I cry.

HATTIE: You're an immigrant. I mean, does the fear of poverty drive you? Does the...

DON: Well, when you had nothing... You know we came to this country with nothing ... the shirt on my back.

HATTIE: And how old were you?

DON: I was 10 years old. We had horses and a wagon and a dog. And the war was on, so we basically hid during the day and traveled at night.

HATTIE: So four kids, mom and dad. Did you come over on a boat, ship...

DON: On a boat. Yeah.

HATTIE: If I were to talk with her --you have to guess now-- and I'd ask, `Why is it that your children are so successful?,' what do you think she'd say?

DON: Oh...

HATTIE: Hard work?

DON: Hard work, yeah. In a place where you can make your dreams come true.

HATTIE: Making something that works, and works for years, has helped Don land some of the world's most famous customers.

At the Empire State Plaza, the seat of New York state government, Don's work is holding one million gallons of water in its proper place, and his expansion joint anchors what is called The Egg.

The list of bridges where Evazote 380 works is long, including the George Washington, the Golden Gate and the Verrazano Narrows.

Then, there's the woman whose face stops the hearts of the world. Officially called Liberty Enlightening the World and given to us by the French people, the Statue of Liberty has stood in the New York Harbor since 1886.

DON: We used our epoxy resins to grout some of stones around the perimeter of the base of the statue, you know, to make sure it's still standing.

HATTIE: What did you feel when they called you?

DON: Well, you know, the Statue of Liberty is very momentous to everybody in the United States... to the whole world. The Statue of Liberty is something that's precious to me because... I came here as an immigrant. We sacrificed to get here. This is why anybody could do it if you put your mind to it and you work hard.

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