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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Key Idea: Hire Interns

Miguel Puente is a college student and an intern at E-Poxy.  He is bilingual and makes telephone sales calls into international markets.

Key Question:


Hire interns then make them full-time employees if they fit into your company culture.

More discussion to come.

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More to come for every point of this episode

Answer: More to come for every point of this episode


Clip from: E-Poxy Engineered Materials

Albany, New York: Infrastructure.  Chemistry.  Bonding.  All keys for business success, but in this particular show, we discuss them literally. You can find E-poxy working within the foundations of Statue of Liberty and absorbing the stresses within bridges around the world.

You will meet  the founder -- a man who was a WWII refugee. His name is Don Dzekciorius. For years his mother kept him and his three siblings moving just beyond the battlefields. They managed to come to America from Lithuania on a boat that passed under the watch of the Statue of Liberty. Don has since built a good business from nothing. He employs people. He became the president of a regional manufacturers' president organization where they proudly say, "We made it in America." He gives generously to his community. But best yet, he exports his special chemistry all over the world.

Don's company, E-Poxy Engineered Materials, makes the product that holds things together.  His secret recipe is used to create water-tight expansion joints that hold up the Statute of Liberty and plenty of bridges including the Golden Gate Bridge.   

He started in his own business in 1976. In that time he has created hundreds of jobs, and he has generated millions in sales. And, in so many ways, he has made the world a better place.

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E-Poxy Engineered Materials

Don Dzekciorius,

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Hire Interns

HATTIE: I'm Hattie.


HATTIE: Don's sale team keeps the E-Poxy name top of mind. Luisa Flores and Miguel Puente work the world. So how do you go about getting people to listen to you? Here you are sitting in Albany, and you're calling on the Philippines, or something.


HATTIE: How do you find the people to mail the catalogs to?

MIGUEL: By the Internet. We have our Web site in different languages, especially in Spanish.

LUISA: There are a lot of referrals from one company to another.

HATTIE: So since one company is using you in Mexico, then you get the leads to the others.


HATTIE: So how did you get to Albany?

LUISA: I started doing an internship here. I'm studying the MBA program at SUNY.

DON: If you're looking for a coffee maker, don't get an intern. Hire somebody to make your coffee. What I mean is, if you're going to bring somebody in, you got to make sure that they learn from what you have to offer, and you learn from what they have to offer. And if you channel them in the proper direction, you're going to be very successful. And that individual, he or she, will be very successful as well.

HATTIE: So do you hope that you can hire Luisa permanently when she finishes her MBA?

DON: Yes, absolutely.


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