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Last Update: Saturday September 18, 2021

Key Idea: Land High Visibility Customers

E-Poxy's most famous customer is the Statue of Liberty.  For small business there is nothing better than credible customers which serve as a testimony to, and validation of, one's capabilities.  More...
A point of interest: 18,000+ soldiers make the largest Statue of Liberty

Key Question:


Install your product or service in a place where others can see your work.  E-Poxy is used to secure the Statue of Liberty,  the Golden Gate Bridge, the fabulous buildings at the Empire State Plaza and plenty of other important structures.

Think about it

What customers could you land that would impress your potential customers?


Clip from: E-Poxy Engineered Materials

Albany, New York: Infrastructure.  Chemistry.  Bonding.  All keys for business success, but in this particular show, we discuss them literally. You can find E-poxy working within the foundations of Statue of Liberty and absorbing the stresses within bridges around the world.

You will meet  the founder -- a man who was a WWII refugee. His name is Don Dzekciorius. For years his mother kept him and his three siblings moving just beyond the battlefields. They managed to come to America from Lithuania on a boat that passed under the watch of the Statue of Liberty. Don has since built a good business from nothing. He employs people. He became the president of a regional manufacturers' president organization where they proudly say, "We made it in America." He gives generously to his community. But best yet, he exports his special chemistry all over the world.

Don's company, E-Poxy Engineered Materials, makes the product that holds things together.  His secret recipe is used to create water-tight expansion joints that hold up the Statute of Liberty and plenty of bridges including the Golden Gate Bridge.   

He started in his own business in 1976. In that time he has created hundreds of jobs, and he has generated millions in sales. And, in so many ways, he has made the world a better place.

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E-Poxy Engineered Materials

Don Dzekciorius,

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Land High Visibility Customers

HATTIE: Hi, I'm Hattie Bryant. This is the place to be if you want to learn how business works from the inside out, and if you want to meet some of the country's most fascinating people.

Don Dzekciorius has created hundreds of jobs and generated millions in sales over the 25 years he's been in business. We've come to Albany, New York, his hometown, to meet him.

Step into the Master Class, and learn from the man who makes the stuff that holds together the Empire State Plaza, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Statue of Liberty.

DON DZEKCIORIUS: It's a beautiful entrance into the city of New York.

HATTIE: The George Washington Bridge is 3,500 feet long, spanning the Hudson River between Ft. Lee, New Jersey, and the Washington Heights section of Manhattan.

DON: We've got 53,417,000 vehicles in one direction.

HATTIE: Already in the construction business, it was in 1975 that Don recognized the need for high-quality, durable, watertight expansion joints.

DON: This bridge is moving, probably, about three to four feet, as much as seven on a wind storm.

HATTIE: Why is what you've done so important to the bridge?

DON: Well, because it keeps it watertight, and keeps the water from going down through. And, of course, with the lower level, you'd have icicles hanging down in the wintertime. OK...

HATTIE: OK, so they needed a watertight solution.

DON: A watertight solution.

HATTIE: But it wasn't a bridge job that jump-started E-Poxy. It was this impressive structure that is part of the Capitol complex in Albany, New York.

DON: When they opened the forms up, they had holes in The Egg. We got called in because they were looking for a solution to the problem. We were not afraid to take a little bit of risk because we believed in our product. We not only glued it together, we used about 2,000 gallons of epoxy to repair it. I was told there were two others built besides this. I was also told that they're fell down, both of them. They were in Pacific, somewhere in Asia.

HATTIE: They needed your epoxy and your joint.

DON: Well, they probably did. But...

We have the expansion joint that's holding this million gallons of water here. When they were looking for a one-year warranty, here we're looking at this thing 25 years later and we're still the number one expansion joint here. Originally, they caulked all these joints. Not only did the caulk fail, but all the marble failed. Of all this marble a lot of this has been replaced.

HATTIE: Well, that didn't have anything to do with the caulking, though, did it?

DON: Well, because they let the water in. The water got underneath it, and it spoiled the marble.

HATTIE: So it wasn't water resistant.

DON: It wasn't waterproof.

HATTIE: So they called the waterproof guys in.

DON: They called the waterproof guys in.

HATTIE: So this is the reason your business has been grown, because it works.

DON: Yeah. It's a beautiful place to bring clients. And...

HATTIE: It's a showcase.

DON: It's a showplace for our product.

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