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Last Update: Monday August 3, 2020

Key Idea: Hire the Experts

Hattie says you can help yourself by engaging the good guys,  the many "white-hat companies" that will help to protect you and your business.

Think about it

Should you ask everyone who works in your business to read the materials found at the links above and then suggest actions they can take personally to make the information more secure?

Clip from: Protect Your Priceless Data - Understand Security

Meet Art Wong of Symantec, data security guru

Silicon Valley, Seattle, San Diego:  One of the biggest problems in small business today is that we under-estimate the value of our data and we have trouble believing anything can happen to those computers - until it does. And, it will. Issues that face each of us range from viruses to automated internet attacks to outright theft and natural disasters. The cost of these issues in lost information and lost time sometimes is the business itself. Most of us know we need to take a few steps to secure our data but simply do not know where to start.  This episode of the show is our 1-2-3. Please, have somebody in your business become an expert. If you are a sole proprietor, you'll just have to do it!

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Hire the Experts

HATTIE: We've just learned that while some business owners are diligent about protecting the data in their computers, many have suffered great loss. Because our time is so short in this 30-minute program, we have placed detailed information about disaster preparation, protection and security on our web site at We have links to all the people you will meet here. You'll learn now that you must shield yourself from viruses, worms, Trojan Horses, adware and spyware as these are enemies all poised to do damage.

The good news is there are thousands of good people, we call them the White Hats, they are security experts and they're working hard to help us win the daily battle against the nasty Black Hats. Those creeps that crash our systems, kill our business continuity, and infect us with suspicions, uneasiness and doubt.

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