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Key Idea: Keep Stretching

This is a print as it came off the press.  You can see that it is in motion as it is in the hands of the operator.  He and Ken Duncan looked at it carefully and decided it was perfect and ready to be mounted and framed for sale in one of their galleries.     More...

Key Question:


Keep trying new things to force yourself into new territory and to learn new skills.

Q:  What evidence do we have that Ken is consistently pushing himself?

One example is that he still gets up early to get the best pictures and he advises others to get out of bed early. To us this is a metaphor for trying and stretching.

Later in the episode he talks about entering into projects he doesn't have the money to fund but he goes ahead. Remember also that in 1980 Ken quit a good job to explore Australia with a brand new camera. He had been a photographer nearly all of his life and he sold photography equipment for years. When he saw the type of pictures he could take with a new piece of equipment, he pushed himself to risk his future on this new camera.

Q: Can all work be considered art?

A: Yes. We said in this program that quality stretched turns work into art. Ken Duncan literally stretched photos but more than that he found a way to print them so that people say, "WOW" when they see them. He told us that if people don't say, "WOW" there will be no sale. Chefs have become the new celebrity class and we think this is because of the Food Channel and the general public is in search for the unique. There was a time when a plate of pasta was just that. Now it is garnished with signature flare. Why, because it is fun and it turns the pasta into art!

Think about it

In your field of expertise, there are new ideas. What part of your time and your life can you/should you risk to explore these new possible pathways? What can you do to turn every employee into an artist? How would their work look if they were to approach it with an artist mentality? How will they feel when you compliment their achievements?

Clip from: Ken Duncan Photography

Siesta Beach, Florida, a picture from America Wide: In God We Trust

Sydney, Australia:   Meet a man whose goal in life is to capture perfect moments and translate them into some of the most beautiful photography you'll ever see.

He carved out a niche by automating his art. Meet Ken Duncan; he truly sees the magnificence of all of creation around us and he would like us all to stop  and take it in.  Art is life, and art has staying power.  Perhaps if we do, we might also make our business as a work of art as well.

If you want to create a great business, focus on perfecting the products and services. In the struggle to make the processes just a little better, you will be creating something of even greater value. You can do it. Yes, you can.  And, as you do, you'll make our world a better place.   Ken should inspire you on your way.

Ken Duncan Galleries

Ken Duncan, Founder

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Office: 61 2 4367 7744

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Photography, retail

Year Founded: 1988

Keep Stretching

HATTIE: So what does it take to make a business work and to stay fresh? You've been doing this now...

KEN: (Voiceover) Oh, since 1980, yeah.

HATTIE: (Voiceover) 1980.

KEN (Voiceover): Yeah, really. Well, to stay fresh is don't get comfortable. Comfort, I believe, is the biggest killer on the journey of life.
We get a little niche and, you know, we turn it into--now that's OK for some people. But for me, life's an adventure, not creating little comfort, you know, ponds, because I don't believe they stay comfortable, you know. You just sort of--they lock you.

I think when I grow old, I don't want to say, `If only I had've.' I want to say, `Well, I gave it a go and, man, that was a real adventure, I've got to tell you, you know.' If I fail or succeed, it doesn't matter, because at least I gave it a go.

KEN (Voiceover): On my journey of trying to find a meaning to life, I found it, and the meaning to life is this: The only thing you take with you when you die is the wealth in your spirit.

HATTIE (In the Studio): Most business owners we study on this show lead with quality because we all know that small business can't be price-driven. Ken Duncan is teaching us that quality to the Nth degree is what we have to give our clients. His photos may be just photos, but by stretching for perfection, he transformed photos into art.

If you take the challenge to be all you can be and inspire all those around you to be their best, is it possible that you, in your reach for an even higher perfection, can transform your work into art? I think so.


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