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Last Update: Monday June 21, 2021

Key Idea: Automate the Mundane

Take away the dull boring jobs to free smart employees to sell and service customers.

Key Question:


Automate jobs that are boring for employees.

Q:  What task did you see automated by KMP Internet?

  The job of receptionist is automated at the offices of KMPInternet. We would like to argue that the way they handle their front lobby is a great a technique for any company that wants to be seen as cutting edge, and, we would like to challenge you to think past this one example.

Every growing company is searching for ways to remove the mundane from every employee's job description. We have written about this often and it can not be ignored. The companies who have figured out how to use technology to do a job faster, cheaper and better are the ones that most profitable. Not only is technology suited to doing things over and over and over and doing it without mistakes, the human being who is relieved of the tedium will hug your neck and be free to bring more value to the company.

Think about it

What needs to be automated? What person(s) needs more training on new software?

Clip from: Knowledge Management

Westerham and Stockport, England: In this episode of the show we go inside truly global businesses that are changing the way we know things and understand who we are. They are each uniquely helping us all get the information revolution under control and helping to open the way to a knowledge evolution.

You'll meet Miles Corbett and David Bowden and their team in Westerham, England. In their hands information becomes knowledge, and their programs are saving businesses millions of dollars every year.

Then later in the show, you will meet Bill Daring, Jon Keefe, Nick Smith and the team at KMPInternet of Stockport. They are eliminating mundane tasks from the work area and creating access paths over the barriers between languages.
Historically, if knowledge were on a grocery shelf, it would have been among the most perishable items. Here we meet people who are giving knowledge much more shelf space, at a much lower cost, and as a durable good.

Today intellectual property is as important as physical property. Physical property sustains the body -- food and shelter; intellectual property sustains the mind, imparting meaning and value to life. 

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Bill Daring, Chairman

Regent House
Heaton Lane, Stockport SK4 1BS

011 44 870 868 8900

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Office: 011 44 870 868 8900

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Automate the Mundane

Computerized Voice: Hi. I'm your virtual receptionist. Please use the boxes below to let my colleagues know you're here. They have been notified and are on their way. Would you like to see our show reel while you wait?

HATTIE: (Voiceover) KMPInternet is the Manchester, England-based e-architecture firm specializing in e-business, e-marketing and portal development. Soon, Lingubots, like the virtual receptionist they developed, combined with their online language translation, will enable all Web users to learn anything with no language barriers.

BILL DARING: Hi. You must be Hattie.

HATTIE: (Voiceover) Founder Bill Daring is the chairman. You got the message?

BILL: We actually create the technology that allows you to push the button and translate, OK? (Voiceover) So it does it at a very fast speed, and I think we're talking about 500 words a minute that we are able to translate.

HATTIE: What is software?

BILL: Software is ... a language, essentially, that allows the computer to carry out some functions (of the mind). And we program software, we create software to make business easier or to deliver a message or to get some advantage out of the computer.

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