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Key Idea: Give Up Free Wheeling

Owner David Bowden works through problems with an employee.  To support growth, David and his partner had to put procedures in place and then stick to them.

Key Question:


Put systems and procedures in place.

Q: How did Miles and David have to change to manage their fast growth?

A: They had to put in structured processes to deliver consistent quality and to meet deadlines. Part of the structure included creating a way for all team members to, "see the same image."
Wow. What a great metaphor for us all. In the business of software development, it is fairly easy for everyone on a team to see all the work being done. Networking makes that possible even though employees are not in the same office, they can all, "see the same image." If we all take this idea and make it a goal for everyone on our team to be able to, "see the same image," this would be powerful.

Think about it

What do people in your organization consider to be important? What images do employees hold in their minds while they are working? What can you do to help everyone see the same pictures in their head?

Clip from: Knowledge Management

Westerham and Stockport, England: In this episode of the show we go inside truly global businesses that are changing the way we know things and understand who we are. They are each uniquely helping us all get the information revolution under control and helping to open the way to a knowledge evolution.

You'll meet Miles Corbett and David Bowden and their team in Westerham, England. In their hands information becomes knowledge, and their programs are saving businesses millions of dollars every year.

Then later in the show, you will meet Bill Daring, Jon Keefe, Nick Smith and the team at KMPInternet of Stockport. They are eliminating mundane tasks from the work area and creating access paths over the barriers between languages.
Historically, if knowledge were on a grocery shelf, it would have been among the most perishable items. Here we meet people who are giving knowledge much more shelf space, at a much lower cost, and as a durable good.

Today intellectual property is as important as physical property. Physical property sustains the body -- food and shelter; intellectual property sustains the mind, imparting meaning and value to life. 

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Give Up Free Wheeling

DAVID: But specifically this licensing.

MILES: Yeah. The key pressure points for us to develop new code for the registration and licensing.

DAVID: (Voiceover) In some ways, in the old days, when there were just a few of us, it was a very simple model. With a group approach now, we obviously have to have some sort of structured and processed way of guaranteeing quality and timeliness and that the message is the same all across the board. Everybody's seeing the same image.

MILES: Even though we're geographically dispersed, we work together as a team. So many of the projects we do are multidisciplinary projects. So we've got an application developer, we've got a system architect, we've got a project manager. And roles tend to flip-flop and become multidisciplinary to suit the particular needs of the client. Then we have a discipline of getting together. So roughly every three months, we get together, and it's great fun, you know. We laugh for the whole day. We learn together. We have some competitions. We throw out crazy prizes. And we build the teamwork.

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