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Last Update: Monday June 21, 2021

Key Idea: Admit Mistakes

The owners of Transition Associates fired a bad hire as fast as they fix mistakes in their code.

Think about it

Does anyone need to be fired from your organization? If you know this, why haven't you done it?

Clip from: Knowledge Management

Westerham and Stockport, England: In this episode of the show we go inside truly global businesses that are changing the way we know things and understand who we are. They are each uniquely helping us all get the information revolution under control and helping to open the way to a knowledge evolution.

You'll meet Miles Corbett and David Bowden and their team in Westerham, England. In their hands information becomes knowledge, and their programs are saving businesses millions of dollars every year.

Then later in the show, you will meet Bill Daring, Jon Keefe, Nick Smith and the team at KMPInternet of Stockport. They are eliminating mundane tasks from the work area and creating access paths over the barriers between languages.
Historically, if knowledge were on a grocery shelf, it would have been among the most perishable items. Here we meet people who are giving knowledge much more shelf space, at a much lower cost, and as a durable good.

Today intellectual property is as important as physical property. Physical property sustains the body -- food and shelter; intellectual property sustains the mind, imparting meaning and value to life. 

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Transition Associates (MC)

Miles Corbett, Co-founder

The Old Chapel
52 Paynesfield Road

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Year Founded: 1995

Admit Mistakes

DAVID: How far did you get with that interactive Flash/HTML?

Unidentified Man #1: Well, I got to reading.

MILES: (Voiceover) In a small business, people and the way they behave, the way they think and what they deliver are utterly critical to your business. You've got to have the right person in the right job. And if you've made the wrong decision, act quickly.

Unidentified Man #1: You could easily do that as individual movies, yeah.

MILES: We tried to bring this guy into an executive role, leading the sales of the business. Within three weeks, it was obvious to us we'd made a mistake. So, you know, we gave the guy a check, we explained why we felt we were wrong, explained that we didn't think it was going to go anywhere and we moved on. Because otherwise you get distracted, the business goes off course, you spend all of your life managing the problem, rather than managing the opportunity.

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